Linx ‎– Throw Away The Key (12″)

All genres catered for in this look at the early 80’s and the late 70’s.

Linx had a massive hit with debut album and single “Institution” in ’81. Previously David Grant and Sketch Martin had been part of a larger band but slimmed down to a duo. Most of the band still play on this with Andy Duncan on drums, Canute Edwards on guitar and Bob Carter on keys.

The main song motors along on an ace bassline with little bit of synth scattered around, I love a forgotten gem.

Apparently Roland Orzabol (Tears for Fears )mentions this song was his inspiration for “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”!!!

B-sides include the laid back funk of “The Ice Is Melting” (which ends quickly as it cuts into the other B-side) Almost a bit like Level 42. “Together…” has duelling synth bass and electric bass and quickens everything up, I think it was re-titled as the US Remix.

Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2519keyfrontcov

A Throw Away The Key 5:43
B1 The Ice Is Melting 6:04
B2 Together We Can Shine (Version) 5:46

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