Passion Puppets – Voices (12″)

Some British stuff now with short lived band from Camden, Passion Puppets, signed to the seminal Stiff Record label.This was from 1983 and the follow up to the cult hit, “Like Dust” the line-up  Ray Burmiston (vocals – and now rock photographer), Miki Screene (bass, vocals), Andy P. (guitars), Dave Rollins (guitars) and Simon Langford Godfrey (drums) The main track was produced by Pete Walsh with that bass guitar sound from The Cure and some clarinet/saxophone, a bit of a forgotten 80’s classic. B-side see’s more guitar jangle and brass (a sea-shanty with slight Clash-inees) A bonus of a New Wave styled Bowie cover (i.e plenty of Saxophone) of “We Are Dead” (off the Diamond Dogs) produced by 70’s legend producer Paul Cobbold – proof that all 80’s New Wave led back to Bowie.


Stiff Records ‎– SBUY 188sam_5933

A Voices (Extended Version)
B1 Powder Monkeys
B2 We Are The Dead

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