Mick Karn feat. David Sylvian – Buoy (12″)

From 1986 in this carefully chrono-graphed jaunt through my latest batch of vinyl (with interjections from transatlantic vinyl obsessive, and reason this blog keeps on going- Mike !) So from the small but perfectly formed Amsterdam haul came this beauty. A bit of a lost Japan track for me because it does include Steve Jansen on drums and bits. Haunting, romantic but quite uplifting with a weird backward bass line. Backed by 2 quality instrumental B-sides featuring Karn’s multi-instrumental talents. Still a sad loss.



Virgin ‎– 608 783-213buoycov

A Buoy 5:02
B1 Dreams Of Reason 3:43
B2 Language Of Ritual 5:43

4 thoughts on “Mick Karn feat. David Sylvian – Buoy (12″)”

  1. After Japan split, David Sylvian made some very wonderful, carefully thought out music. Buoy was the sound of Sylvian letting loose, almost gliding vocally. I agree this is, for all intensive purposes, a Japan track. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was for Karn’s album and he was the main instrumentalist – not requiring Richard Barbieri’s keyboards and effects – it would have been. 86 to 88 was a peak period for all 4 of the Japan members we all know with 2 Sylvian albums, Jansen/Barbieri as The Dolphin Brothers album and Mick Karns’.

  2. Absolutely love “Dreams of Reason…” I remember reading in a magazine at the time that Virgin agreed to release it only after David Sylvian recorded both “Buoy” and “When Love Walks in…”

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