Colour Code – Dance With The Times (LTD 12″)

Synthpop from Stockport (well Bramhall)

Info off a band member from Youtube

The track was recorded at Pluto Studios in Manchester’s Granby Row (where The Smiths made some demos). Recorded on 24 track 2″ analog through a Trident console. Instruments used included the the revolutionary Roland MC-4B microcomposer, the Roland Jupiter 8 (bassline), the MC-202 (the sequency bits in the verses) and drums from an Oberheim DMX with Lexicon 224XL reverb. The brass bits were sampled and pitched using the AMS sampling digital delay. All cutting edge technology at the time.

Backing vocals were from Jean Barrow, latin percussion from Dave Hassell. Phil Bush was the engineer. Many long and late sessions with crates of beer sent over from the Lass’O’Gowrie. Endless airplay on KFM and Piccadilly Radio. Shambolic and often deafening live performances!

In the vein of many new wave acts of the time, helped with added guitar and the enigmatic Steve Darragh on vocals. It does sound very polished for a independent release. The B-side is quality as well. Chuffed I found this.

Zebra International ‎– CODE 121colourcov

A Dance With The Times (Blue Mix)
B1 No Faith In Promises
B2 Dance With The Times (Green Mix)

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