Various Artists – Music From The Motion Picture Hideaway (CD Album)

I love a bit of Jeff Goldblum (Mr. Fly et al) and Alicia Silverstone plus a bit of mid 90’s Industrial. So, hence this soundtrack from the movie, with such artists as KMFDM, Fear Factory, Godflesh and Miranda Sex Garden. (?) coupled with the Gregorian chant, choir and dark orchestra. Love Miranda Sex Garden, their stuff fits so well. However it is a bit disjointed ( like the special effects!) with the  classic movie score following the Goth/Industrial.


1 KMFDM Go To Hell 5:45
2 Rancho Diablo Last Blood 4:22
3 Miranda Sex Garden Peep Show 3:53
4 Parallax Bulllet Proof Zero 4:00
5 Sister Machine Gun Lung (Bronchitis Mix) 3:08
6 Fear Factory Scumgrief (Deep Dub Trauma Mix) 6:18
7 Front Line Assembly Surface Patterns 5:36
8 Peace, Love And Pitbulls Reverberation Nation 5:36
9 Godflesh Nihil 5:56
10 Miranda Sex Garden Cut 4:50
11 Trevor Jones Main Titles: “Nunc Dimitus” 3:48
12 Trevor Jones Into The Light 6:57
13 Trevor Jones Beyond The Shadow Of Death 10:26

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