The House Of Love – Beatles & The Stones (12″)

housedloveSo what was really happening in 1990 was a lot of this stuff, psychedelic guitars and baggy beats, yup Madchester! Guy Chadwick and Terry Bickers had already had some success with “Shine On” and “Christine” and not to miss out put this nostalgic anthem, slightly remixed by Dave Bascombe from their “Butterfly” album. Some of the lyrics are a bit twee (suck the marrow out of bone?)and with the brushed drums and laidback vibe this was the sound of the London, Camberwell scene. Two B-sides, the instrumental “Love IV” with some soaring guitar work and the very dreamy almost country & western sounding, “Soft As Fire” from 1989 and a little cracker.

Fontana HOL 412

A Beatles And The Stones 3:52
B1 Love IV 3:05
B2 Soft As Fire 4:00

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