Then Jericho – Fault (12″)

faultinnercovFrom 1985 and an early release from Then Jericho , produced by Martin Rushent and remixed by New York producer, John Luongo. More synth than their later Stadium Rock epics. This included a couple of decent Club mixes, “The Big Sweep” is more rockier with the big 80’s drum sound and was their debut release.

The main track is a classic bit of Rushent production, one of my all time favourite producer’s. The extra tinkering by Luongo does not distract from what is a classic piece of Rock/Dance.

The Youtube clip is a great insight into a young band getting to grips with the technology at the time and getting advice from an experienced, master producer and assistant Neil O’Connor. The bit where they sample David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” drum sounds and reaarange them on a Billy Mackenzie release is fascinating, even if the Synclavier showed some morals beforehand 🙂



A Fault (Club Mix) 6:44
B1 Fault (7″) 3:32
B2 The Big Sweep (Club Mix) 4:53

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