Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – After The Watershed (12″)

cartered Or with the additional title , “Early Learning The Hard Way” I don’t think any band has come along a did a Carter as much as Carter did back in the early 90’s, social commentary with an electro punk backing, DIY production with some of the best lyrics since Morrissey. The snarling delivery was not to everyone’s liking but they cleaned up at the Brit awards and attacked Philip Schofield for good measure amidst the girlie screams at the Smash Hits Party! (view below)

From 1991 and I’d forgotten this one but the riffs immediately reminded me, a stonker! Three tracks on the B-side, the punky “90’s Revival” the solemnly beautiful “Nation Of Shoplifters” and a rocky cover of the Inspiral Carpet’s “This Is How It Feels” – a unique band.


A After The Watershed (Early Learning The Hard Way) 4:15
B1 The 90’s Revival 2:03
B2 A Nation Of Shoplifters 1:53
B3 This Is How It Feels 3:00

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