The Bluebells – All I Am (Is Loving You) (12″)

bluebellyFrom 1985 and some stuff from the Scottish Indie band, The Bluebells. It is the follow up to “Young At Heart” and has a much more harder guitar sound. Powerful but with those gentle songs. The 12″ mix starts off a bit like “Start Me Up” but works towards a rousing chorus.

The politics kick in on the 2 B-sides. With the Strike supporting acoustic of the “Ballad Of Joe Hill” and the gutsy guitar of the anti Falklands War song, “South Atlantic Way” a cracking little gem of a track here in its “full” version.


2 thoughts on “The Bluebells – All I Am (Is Loving You) (12″)”

  1. Yeaahh !!! Many many thanks, now my Bluebells is complete, you’re the only one who has this… and as a bonus I got the buffalo gals and other rare stuff too… I’ll be waiting for.more.of your post !!

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