Freur – Runaway (12″)


 I liked this Welsh synthpop band as soon as I heard their first single “Doot Doot”, unbeknown that they would morph into celebrated dance act , Underworld!! All mad hair and weird sounds and squiggles, their first album still sounds good after 30 years.

This was the follow up to “Doot Doot” and chugs along nicely with some great saxophone and with some very 80’s vocals. B-side rocks along nicely and has a feel of “Born Slippy” to it, manic guitars and synth bass.


A Runaway (Dun Difrunt) 5:37
B You’re A Hoover (Dun Difrunt Too) 4:41

7 thoughts on “Freur – Runaway (12″)”

      1. Thank you so much for the quick reply AND for having a look into your Freur material for me.
        Looking forward to hear from you again. =)

        Please come see me on SlSk (same user name), I might have some stuff you’re interested in.

        Best regards.

  1. just a mild grumble. the new download link is actually the double A side with Doot Doot. Any chance of fixing this link as I’d love to hear the born slippyish b-side!

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