Black – Now you’re Gone (12″)


The final piece to the Black jigsaw. For all the fans of the original 80’s Vinyl Gems this completes my Vinyl collection. From 1988 and a great little ballad , created all with synths and samplers this was from Colin’s second album, “Comedy”. The “Mardi Gras” version is fully Latino, very evocative and different from the original. “Brother O` Mine” is an acoustic song that Colin excels in , he has done stuff like this ever since.


It’s looking like a Re-rip 😦


4 thoughts on “Black – Now you’re Gone (12″)”

  1. Greetings – I sadly only really discovered Black yesterday, thanks to a friend. That first L.P. is what I heard, and it is tremendous. Clearly, I have missed out on a lot. I would be grateful for any Black links you might be able to repost.

    Thank you for all of your hard work on this blog, by the way – it is so very appreciated.


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