John Adams – Strip This Heart (US Promo 12″)

Completing the trio of obscure late 80’s releases (so obscure many don’t have a promo video!!) This was again released in 1987 by British singer/sonwriter, John Adams, who used to be in the band Private Lives. (on this blog somewhere) Given a big 80’s production sound by Bruce Forest with Frank Heller on the mixing desk (David Cole, from Clivillés & Cole and C + C Music Factory, adds some keyboards) Soulful vocals over a Madonna sounding backing!

A&M Records ‎– SP-12241strip

A1 Strip This Heart (12″ Version) 8:10
A2 Strip This Heart (Bonus Beat) 4:12
B1 Strip This Heart (7″ Version Edit) 3:28
B2 Strip This Heart (LA 7″ Version) 3:45
B3 Strip This Heart (Dub) 4:11


Fire On Blonde ‎– Wrong Number (US Promo 12″)


The short lived duo of Fire On Blonde were signed to major label Atlantic but were dropped after a handful of singles this being their last one released in 1987. Originally made up of singer/actress Suzie Benson and keyboardist Jim Vukovich, poor old Jim left soon after the release of their debut single and was replaced by another keyboard player,the Swedish Scott Rudgress. This was mixed by Steve Peck and in terms of sound it’s very Gloria Estefan-ish and quite catchy!

Atlantic ‎– 0-86671SAM_0845

A1 Wrong Number (Vocal/12″ Version) 6:48
B1 Wrong Number (Vocal/Edit) 3:48
B2 Wrong Number (Bonus Beats) 4:58

Departure ‎– Rendezvous And A Flirt With You (US 12″)


A strange release but there is a Razormaid mix so it all can’t be too bad! From 1987 and from a project by Mad German electronic composer, Klaus Munzert, an example of Eurodance or even New Beat (argue amongst yourselves!) So dance music with lyrics use a cheap EMU sampler, there are echoes of Yello and Italo-Disco here with a tongue firmly embedded in his cheek. At the time he was forming a synthpop group called Silicon Dream who did the euro hit “Marcello The Mastroianni”

A very rare record and the Joseph Watt remix is the pick of the 4 mixes. Those female backing vocals don’t half get on your nerves!

Everybody now….”The Bishop Of Canterbury!!!”

JCI & Associated Labels JCO-9005SAM_2201

A1 Rendezvous And A Flirt With You (The Razormaid Mix) 6:46
A2 Rendezvous And A Flirt With You (The Radio Reduction Mix) 4:15
B1 Rendezvous And A Flirt With You (The Flirtatious Dub Mix) 5:04
B2 Rendezvous And A Flirt With You (The Depart-Mental Mix) 5:40

Midnight Star ‎– Headlines (12″)


With the best bassline of the week this is from American group, Midnight Star. Released in 1986 this tapped into the electro/funk/boogaloo sound of the time. The lead single from their album of the same name it’s certainly is funky with added scratch effects and vocoder. It made the Top 20 in the UK charts and was written and produced by 6 of the band (there are in fact 9 of them on the cover) and sung by Belinda Lipscomb. Two great mixes here.

MCA Records ‎– MCAT 1065headlinesfrontcov

A Headlines (Club Mix) 7:49
B Headlines (Instrumental Dubwise Mix) 4:18

Genesis ‎– Do The Neurotic / In Too Deep (12″)

So from 1986 and a conscious effort to remind confused diehard hard fans that they can do the old Genesis type stuff. “Do The Neurotic” is classic Genesis instrumental. Backing it up is the full version of Power Ballad, “In Too Deep” a bit of a classic in it’s own right.

Virgin ‎– GENS 2-12SAM_1911

A In Too Deep (Unedited Version)
B Do The Neurotic

Re-Upped Men At Work

men This one in fact

Toni Basil ‎– Time After Time / You Gotta Problem (12″)

A bit of Toni Basil (with some members of Devo) from 1981. “Time After Time” is not the Cyndia Lauper song but another cover, one written by two members of the 70’s Rock Band, Sweeney Todd, Nick Gilder and James McCulloch. It appeared on Gilder’s LP “Frequency” from 1979. This was from her debut album, “Nil By Mouth” and taps into the New Wave sound with rockier overtones. The B-side written by Devo member Mark Mothersbaugh (it is actually a retitled version of Devo’s “Pity You.”), has a suitably synthpop sound.


Radialchoice ‎– TIC 6 12basilfrontcov

AA Time After Time 3:41
AB You Gotta Problem (Special Extended Dance Version) 6:49

Various ‎– Die Maxi Hits – Summer ’88 PART TWO (German Double Vinyl LP)

Okay, Part Two of this unusual compilation from Germany. This being from the more commercial/accessible disc.

Starting with the massive S-Express hit from Mark Moore’s S-Express that took sampling to another level. Another bizarre track inclusion is the dark and slow Depeche Mode track from “Music For The Masses” that was released as a single with limited success, hardly a dancefloor filler ?!? Next is the very Queen sounding “Heaven For Everyone” which featured Queen drummer Roger Taylor and his side project The Cross, funny that! Again not very dancey but a great song. Climie Fisher is next up with a long Phil Harding remix, I think this was his debut single. Back on the dance tip with Hazell Dean , everyone’s favourite Scottish housewife!! Pete Hammond gives it a PWL style remix.

My favourite track is “Education” by Okay (or O.K.), sampling loads of stuff and having some daft lyrics by Marcus Gabler, like Pink Floyd meets Depeche Mode! More strange electronica with the track by Manfred Thiers and Michael Cretu, falsetto vocals and dodgy lyrics on this slice of synthpop. A quality closing track with the Rusty Garner remix of “Rush Hour” – a classic 12″ version.

EMI ‎– 186 7 90894 1maxi2

C1 S-Express Theme From S-Express 5:58
C2 Depeche Mode Little 15 4:40
C3 The Cross Heaven For Everyone 5:07
C4 Climie Fisher This Is Me (This Is It Mix) 9:03
D1 Hazell Dean Who’s Leaving Who (Bob’s Tambourine Mix) 4:55
D2 Okay Education 6:24
D3 Cretu And Thiers Don’t Say You Love Me (Let Me Feel It) 5:55
D4 Jane Wiedlin Rush Hour (Extended Remix) 7:22

Suzanne Vega ‎– Marlene On The Wall (US Promo 12″)

A bit of a classic from 1985 from Suzanne Vega. Her debut single from her debut album this is remix from the US promo 12″ which contains the same track on both sides!!! A slightly different arrangement produced by Lenny Kaye and Steve Addabbo, more acoustic than the single release and quite rare.

A&M Records ‎– SP-17328SAM_2720

A Marlene On The Wall (Specially Remixed Version) 3:37
AA Marlene On The Wall (Specially Remixed Version) 3:37

Re-Ups (Fine Young Cannibals, Berlin)

If anyone requests a re-up I will post it on here (a bit like a heads up) with a link to the original page, with the re-upped link.

Fine Young Cannibals – She Drives Me Crazy/ Johnny Come Home (Remixes)







Berlin – Like Flames (12″)



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