Peter Wolf ‎– Come As You Are (US 12″)

Generic American Rock n Roll from 1988 from the Peter Wolf with call and response chorus Power produced by Eric “E.T.” Thorngren and mixed by Chris Lord-Alge it seems like a mix between Van Halen’s “Jump” and the “Summertime Blues” with a bit of the Jagger fixated J. Geils Band (his old band) thrown in, a party rocker!

Thank God for the more out-there dub version, big bad drums but more of an instrumental.

B-side “Thick As Thieves” is a frantic little track, driving bass, rock riffing and a brass section!

EMI America ‎– 12EA 231SAM_5653

A Come As You Are (Extended Version) 4:54
B1 Come As You Are (Dub Version) 5:25
B2 Thick As Thieves 3:00

Deborah Sasson & MCL ‎– (Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes (US 12″)

Before Charlotte Church and certainly before Malcolm Mclaren’s brush with opera. American/German singer did a bit of a Bonnie Tyler with this adaption of “Carmen” given the FULL euro-pop/synth treatment with Classical pretensions.  MCL stood for the Micro Chip League. It sounds very dated but has a novelty for being Opera-house. Ooch !! That Techno mix sounds really old school, almost New Beat meets early techno with those synth sounds.

Capitol Records ‎– V-15474deb

A1 (Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes (Techno House Mix) 6:13
A2 (Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes (Extended Mix) 6:26
B1 (Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes (88 Dance Mix) 5:01
B2 (Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes (Radio Version) 3:59







Re-uppage 7 (World Party, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Mansun, Heaven 17, General Public)

World Party – Ship Of Fools (12″) For Oliver



Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missle F1-11 (various mixes)  For Stephen (honorary fan of the month!!!)









Mansun – Taxlo$$ (12″) For Thomas


Heaven 17 – We Blame Love (German 12″) For Thomas (again!)


General Public – In Conversation (US 12″) For Jean



Tracie! ‎– The House That Jack Built (12″)

From the same stable as The Style Council came this debut from Tracie Young released in 1983 (with probably the worse sounding “violin” synth sound ever committed to vinyl!) A mix of funk and synths, it was produced by Paul Weller. Nothing to do with the “House” music at all but there is definitely some K.C and The Sunshine Band here.

The B-side “Tracie Talks” is an interview with the upcoming starlight over a proto electro backing track…..interesting!!!

Respond Records ‎– KOBX 701SAM_5326

A The House That Jack Built
B1 Tracie Talks
B2 The House That Jack Built (Instrumental)


Wendy & Lisa ‎– Honeymoon Express (12″ Mixes)

Funk with a very slight homage to Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express” (the synth chords are very similar). They still have some slight Prince-ism’s (Bobby Z did the production) but it’s a great track that only got a US release in 1988 , with remixes by Chris Lord-Alge. The B-side is interestingly very Prince like (I’m sure he’s on here!) Built on a clipped bassline and chamber orchestra synths.

Columbia ‎– 44 07498wendyandl

A1 Honeymoon Express (Special Honeymoon Mix) 3:53
A2 Honeymoon Express (Honeymoon Express 12″) 4:57
B1 Honeymoon Express (Honeymoon Instrumental) 5:32
B2 To Trip Is To Fall 6:53

The Wee Papa Girl Rappers – Faith (US 12″)


Well I’m back in the room.

From 1988 and the extremely well produced “Faith” from British Female Rap Duo (and twin sisters) Sandra Lawrence and Timmie Lawrence. Sandra was in the short lived 80’s band Brilliant with, Youth, Ben Watkins (Juno Reactor) and Jimmy Cauty (KLF) The UK version of “Salt-N-Pepa”

Teddy Riley was responsible for the production with Bryan “Chuck” New on the remix giving it a new jack swing groove. Some now well worn samples can be found. I like the lazy groove of the B-side “Bustin’ Loose” mixed by Geoff Hunt (Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince) from the debut album, ” The Beat, the Rhyme, the Noise” Classic Oldskool but maybe too Pop for some. (Does it sample George Michael’s “Faith” ?)

Jive ‎– 1123-1-JDfaith

A1 Faith (Extended Version)
A2 Faith (Single Edit)
B1 Bustin Loose
B2 Faith (Instrumental Version)

Roxanne Shanté ‎– Live On Stage (US 12″)


The ’89 response from Lolita Shanté Gooden and it was a tidy bit of hip-hop. The original was produced by legend Marley Marl in a rawer style. CJ Mackintosh and Dave Dorrell updated and refreshed this harder hitting Hip-Hop track.

Cold Chillin’ ‎– 0-21300SAM_2615

A1 Live On Stage (Hip Hop Version) 6:57
A2 Live On Stage (Original Version) 4:05
B1 Live On Stage (House Mix) 6:57
B2 Live On Stage (Instrumental House Mix) 6:57

The Real Roxanne With Hitman Howie Tee ‎– Bang Zoom! Let’s Go Go! (12″)

From 1986 and the first of a numerous female rappers called Roxanne who emerged in the mid to late 80’s – this one being the “real” one. This is a classic slice of Go-Go (an early Hip Hop genre) with Howie Tee, accompanied by Production/Collective Full Force, on the turntables (with Bugs Bunny samples) No swearing, no dissing – when Hip Hop was radio friendly. The highlight is the groovier B-side with Roxanne taking on vocals but cheesy synths aside.

Cooltempo ‎– COOLX 124bangfrontcov


A (Bang Zoom) Let’s Go Go (Extended Version) 5:56
AA Howie’s Teed Off (Extended Version) 5:32

Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush ‎– Don’t Give Up (12″)

Another Gabriel bus trundles passed.

The Gospel influenced duet Kate Bush and with that Tony Levin bassline, very understated but a classic Gabriel ballad and a social commentary of the times. And no different to the album cut.

So we get the “Special Mix” of “In Your Eyes” again, it’s a little shorter and sounded great hearing straight from vinyl half an hour ago. So more percussion in place of those piano chords found on the album and it seems the one he liked to perform live.

Finishing off is his weird collaboration with Laurie Anderson which features Nile Rogers on guitar and Bill Laswell on bass. Didn’t even know it had a video.

Virgin ‎– PGS 212givefrontcov

A Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush Don’t Give Up
B1 Peter Gabriel In Your Eyes (Special Mix)
B2 Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)


Peter Gabriel ‎– Big Time (US 12″)

From ’86 and one of my favourite Gabriel mixes on one of my favourite tracks. Cutting edge sounds and production on what is a better track than “Sledge Hammer” that preceded it and remixed by Tom Lord-Alge. The Bill Laswell produced “In Your Eyes” again is an improvement to the album original, given a remix by Jason Corsaro (Duran Duran) and brings Youssou N’Dour distinct vocals as well as the talking drum of Manu Katché. True World Music. Last track is the still haunting album track “We Do What We’re Told” which harks back to the experimental-ism of his early albums.

Love the Pete Saville sleeve and that promo vid.

Geffen Records ‎– 0-20600big

A Big Time (Dance Mix) 6:10
B1 In Your Eyes (Special Mix) 7:14
B2 We Do What We’re Told (Milgram’s 37) (LP Version) 3:18
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