Working Week ‎– Don’t Touch My Friend (Touche Pas A Mon Pote) (12″)

A trio of jazz funk stuff. Like enjoying strong cheese and olives it must be an old age thing. I would have run a mile from this back in the 80’s now I can let it all wash over me, the arrangements and laid back groove….still hate olives mind!

The return of Larry Stabbins, Juliet Roberts and Simon Booth. Soulful and funky one the main track has their classic, signature sound, saxophone – led and slow tempo. “Walking the Tightrope” has a gospel feel to it and is a good showcase for Roberts voice, more jazz blues. The final track “Why Me?” multi tracks Robert’s vocals in a gospel acappella style.

Virgin ‎– VS 902-12

A Don’t Touch My Friend (Touche Pas A Mon Pote) (Extended Version)
B1 Walking The Tightrope
B2 Why Me?


Joan Armatrading ‎– Thinking Man (12″)

From 1985 and the lead single from the album “Secret Secrets” given some nice synth touches by producer Mike Howlett. I’m sure she mentions Brexit in the opening bars of the song. The exclusive B-side of “Love Grows” will be a treat for fans, an atmospheric ballad which showcases her distinctive voice and range.

A bonus is the inclusion of minor hit, “Drop The Pilot” from 1983, a bit of a New Wave classic that verges into Pop Rock and doesn’t get played much these days.

A&M Records ‎– AMY 250thinkingfrontcov

A Thinking Man
B1 Love Grows
B2 Drop The Pilot


Belinda Carlisle – Love Never Dies…(12″)

80’s Power Ballad time from Miss. Carlisle the last single from her smash album, “Heaven On Earth” here in it’s full length version with all that breathy, vibrato vocals.

Backed by a couple of B -sides recorded live at the Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, May 1988. You get a dreamy (but rocky cover) of  Cream’s “I Feel Free” and a faithful reproduction of “Heaven Is A Place On Earth” singalongaBelinda.

Virgin ‎– VST1150belindafrontcov

A Love Never Dies…(Full Length Version)
B1 I Feel Free (Live)
B2 Heaven Is A Place On Earth (Live)


Dalbello – Tango (12″)

Alternative dance from Canadian Lisa Del Bello. Originally a 70’s disco diva she turned into a bit of a rock MILF, this was from the darker album , “She” from 1987. Rocky edges with Parisian accordion, a right weird mix of styles. Co-produced with Lenny Derose (who also played keyboards) it has a INXS/Power Station feel to it with her vocals reminding me of Diamanda Galas via Grace Jones, but not as extreme! Bass was amply provided by Bernard Edwards. The long dance mix was assisted by Scott Humphrey. All new to me.

Capitol Records ‎– 12CL 467SAM_3699

A Tango (Dance Mix) 8:13
B1 Tango (7″ Single Version) 4:06
B2 Tango (Dub Mix) 4:30

Phil Fearon – I Can Prove It (Full Version) (12″)

More Brit Funk with later hit from Phil Fearon given the SAW treatment and mixed by Phil Harding, it was released in 1986. Still it manages to sound rather good, even though the record itself was probably used as a Frisbee at some point so needed so digital cleaning 😦 – I’ve put them in as both a raw and a treated rip.

The B-side is a jazz instrumental and has all manner of electronic and normal wind instruments – spoilt by a rather crap sounding drum machine. Interestingly with all the different time signatures.

Chrysalis ‎– PFX 1icanfrontcov

A I Can Prove It (Full Version) 6:37
B Il Gurnata 5:21

Linx – So This Is Romance (12″)

The trio of David Grant, Peter Martin and Bob Carter forged a winning chart partnership, if a little short lived with their brand of Brit Funk.  Written and self produced it is one of those classic 80’s tracks, all synths and a catchy hook and was released in 1981. No real extended versions the “Rio Mix” is a bit battered (must of been played on a lathe)  but is a nice alternative take, a variety of synthetic instruments replacing most of the vocals.

Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 2546sothisfrontcov

A So This Is Romance 4:55
B So This Is Romance (The Rio Mix) 5:11

Joe Jackson ‎– You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) (US 12″)

Some Joe Jackson now with the very funky “You Can’t Get…..” Jellybean Benitez gets to remix the track, smoothing it out and bringing that piano riff to the forefront, as well as the funky bassline by Graham Maby. The B-side track is track from the album “Body And Soul” jazz smooth and featuring Maby on Bass & Vinnie Zummo on guitar, a bitter sweet Wedding track.

A&M Records ‎– SP-12098joe

A You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) (Specially Remixed Version) 6:25
B1 You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) (Dub Version) 4:55
B2 Cha Cha Loco 4:48

Mancrab – Fish For Life (US 12″)

So got this from Mike and not had a clue about who it was, research uncovered it was actually half of Tears For Fears!!! Roland Orzabel and Ian Stanley were probably commissioned to do this track as it appeared in Karate Kid 2. It was written in the long period between Songs From The Big Chair (1985) and Sowing The Seeds of Love (1988) Funky and dabbling in the latest technology for 1986, it is unmistakably Tears For Fears when you hear the vocals and arrangement. It features vocals by Eddie Thomas Jnr. (Thomas was one of the dancers in the Everybody Wants To Rule the World video) A great 12″ mix by the way!

The video was directed by Nigel Dick, who also directed Tears for Fears videos as Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule the World and Head over Heels.

United Artists Records ‎– 4W9 05928SAM_2746

A1 Fish For Life 7:35
A2 Fish For Life (LP Version) 4:04
B Fish For Life (Instrumental Version) 4:21

Slow Children – Vanessa Vacillating (US Promo 12″)


A couple of edgier posts now from New York New Wave duo, Slow Children – Pal Shazar and partner Andrew Chinich. Nailing the angular guitar vibe with spacey, echo effects. This was their last single release.

Here being remixed by Stephen Hague (a very early studio job by him!) and Jules Shears (who later married Pal) and sounding like both tracks were recorded last year even though it was released in 1982!!! Mad lyrics, love the dub feel of “Unplugging The Vacuum” , sounding like early Police.

One of those songs you’ve heard ages ago but have forgotten the title.

RCA ‎– JD-13367SAM_1177

Vanessa Vacillating (Special Re-Mix) 4:52
Unplugging The Vacuum (Special Re-Mix) 5:35

Shakatak – Nightbirds (12″)

Been bloody spammed to death today. Not happy because my Spam filter is usually good but been constantly sent those illiterate messages from some Spambot somewhere in the ether 😦

Anyways have bought a bit of 80’s vinyl lately (around 30 twelves obviously of varying quality) so onwards with this journey….

A bit of a lounge classic from 1982 and that distinct keyboard superbly produced, as always, by Nigel Wright. A bit pre-loved but the B-side “Rio Nights” is very chilled funk.

Polydor ‎– POSPX 407nighty

A Night Birds
B Rio Nights




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