Doug Lazy ‎– Can’t Hold Back (U No) (US Promo 12″)

A more commercial sounding track from him this time and released in ’90; with some recycled beats and pieces from his other tracks and a bit of a ragga-tip added to the “Give Up Your Body Mixes with extra acid sounds and better than the main mix. Maybe Atlantic were after another hit from him. Produced with Vaughan Mason (who did RAZE’s “Break For Love”)

Atlantic ‎– DMD 1487lazy

A Can’t Hold Back (U No) (Mojoe Edit) 7:20
B1 Can’t Hold Back (U No) (Give Up Your Body Mix) 5:16
B2 Can’t Hold Back (U No) (Give Up Your Dub) 5:41

Yello ‎– Pinball Cha Cha (Original 12″)

So I’ll just leave rare gem here, from 1982 and on Do It Records.

This was when they were a trio, Boris Blank, Dieter Meier and Carlos Peron and was way ahead of it’s time. More punk/avantgarde than synthpop, “Smile On You” is a rapid early mix whilst “Pinball Cha Cha” is from 1981 and still has that burp sample in amongst all the samba drums.

Reason is I’m going to see Yello tomorrow live in Stuttgart for probably the first and last time (with my long time gigging buddy Woody) can’t bloody wait!!!

“Oy oy oy I like my toy claro que si, yes for sure.”

Now with added FLAC ( files included)

Do It Records ‎– DUN IT 23pinfrontcov

A Pinball Cha Cha (Extended) 5:18
B Smile On You 3:28


Jesus Jones – Real, Real, Real (US 12″)

Jesus Jones had their first big success with this laidback, crossover track from ’91. Plenty of samples and chilled beats over Mike Edwards vocals. The US version is given remixes by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero, who smooth out all the Indie angst and injects loads of funk, a very pleasant reinterpretation.

SBK Records ‎– V-19742jesus

A1 Real, Real, Real (The Real Dance Hall Mix) 6:16
B1 Real, Real, Real (The Real Dub Mix) 6:00
B2 Real, Real, Real (The Real Hot Crossover Mix) 4:19

Erasure – Love To Hate You (Love Versus Hate Mix) (Promo 12″)

So this is £40 on discogs and is basically a Frank De Wulf track more than an Erasure track, there being only a snippet of the chorus left in amongst the pounding beats and techno doodlings and acid squelches. For the Erasure completists out there it was released in 1992 in a Mute Promo sleeve, now where’s my dust mask and glo-sticks ?


Indisc ‎– DID 128342SAM_3815

A Love To Hate You (Love Versus Hate Mix) 6:28

OMD ‎– Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (US 12″)

Sorry about the neglected blog….time for some posts!

So thanks to Mike (yet again!) we have the very rare US 12″ of the 2nd single from the 1991 album, “Sugar Tax”. Getting 4 subtly different remixes, it was inspired by silent film actress Louise Brooks and is named after the 1929 film Pandora’s Box in which she starred (a typical OMD obscure homage if you think about Enola Gay, Tesla Girls and Stanlow) Carl Segal keeps it deep, dark and electronic in a “vogue” style groove. Steve Anderson brings back the light, commercial sound with added brass (thanks to the arrangement by Snake Davis) on the “Abstract Mix.”  The “Constant Pressure” (by Dani Griffiths and Guy Forrestor) places some overdubbed with some staple (and overused) samples that were doing the rounds on dance records at the time. The “Prize Of Beauty Mix) again by Steve Anderson is closest to the 7” release, McCluskey at his most commercial. (Harking back to the “Crush” times with trumpet by John Thirkell)

As a bonus the track “Sugar Tax” is included, this was only ever a B-side and uses that slide beat which was typical of the early 90’s. A fabulous track hidden away.

NEW LINK 2017!!!!!

Virgin Records America, Inc. ‎– 0-96338pan

A1 Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (Diesel Fingers Mix) 6:10
A2 Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (Abstract Mix) 6:37
B1 Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (Constant Pressure 12″) 4:48
B2 Pandora’s Box (It’s A Long, Long Way) (Prize Of Beauty Mix) 5:35
B3 Sugar Tax 4:07

War Featuring Eric Burdon ‎– Spill The Wine (Junior Vasquez Remixes) (US Promo 12″)

Okay I get the idea of bringing a classic to new ears and rediscovering a gem but not sure Junior Vasquez does a good job on this 1970’s classic from War featuring Eric Burdon from The Animals. Released to promote a “Best Of….” Compilation that was released in 1996, a continuing trend that the Record Companies insisted on doing.

He keeps all the original vocals and the funky flute and then Houses everything up…..mmmmm. I suppose the Cha-Cha and organ licks work on the “Radio Dub” where it is more of a Vasquez track but he is found meddling where he shouldn’t me meddling.

Thank God the original album track is here to make comparative notes.

Avenue Records ‎– PR-961spill

A – 1 Spill The Wine (Jr.’s New Dance Mix) – 8:22

A – 2 Spill The Wine (Jr.’s Radio Dub) – 6:15

B -1 Spill The Wine (Jr.’s Alternative Dance Mix) – 8:15

B – 2 Spill The Wine (Jr.’s New Dance Edit) – 4:30

B – 3 Spill The Wine (Original Album Version) – 4:51

CJ Bolland ‎– Sugar Is Sweeter (US 12″)

This will get your heads nodding. For along time I thought this was by The Prodigy 🙂 Allegedly,  when The Prodigy played ‘Poison’ live soon after this release, Maxim dedicated ‘Poison’ to Bolland, with him repeatedly saying “You can’t bite my style”. It takes the Big Beats and adds the vocals of Belgium New Beat Jade4U to create a crossover track that would be suitable for both Indie and House club.

The “Monkey Mafia” is my favourite, weird sounds, samples and big beats to die for, although the original mix takes some beating.

Armand Van Helden dabbles with harder house beats and that memorial bass drop with the slightly mis-titled “Drum & Bass” mix, there are no break beats to be heard (this was the one that was included in all those dance compilations “Renaissance, Cream etc….” back in the day.)

The “Unsulin Injection Mix” goes all Underworld in terms of driven techno beats. Something for everyone.

FFRR ‎– 697 120 102-1sugar

A1 Sugar Is Sweeter (Original Mix) 5:01
A2 Sugar Is Sweeter (Monkey Mafia Mix) 5:56
A3 Sugar Is Sweeter 3:12
B1 Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand’s Drum And Bass Mix) 8:33
B2 Sugar Is Sweeter (Insuline Injection Mix) 6:14

Malcolm McLaren With Françoise Hardy ‎– Revenge Of The Flowers (US 12″)

A one-off collaboration with French songstress, Françoise Madeleine Hardy and a hark back to the traditional songwriting style given a slight House tint from Todd Terry. About the superstition that cut flowers suck the oxygen from interiors. And one may be smothered to death from it!!  Off the album “Paris” which also featured Catherine Deneuve.

The “Jungle Brigade” is not a drum and bass work out but more of an instrumental/dub.

At last the link….

No! Gee Street ‎– 422-854 337-1flowers

A1 Revenge Of The Flowers (Todd’s Extended Mix) 5:14
A2 Revenge Of The Flowers (Malcolm’s Jungle Brigade) 4:30
B1 Revenge Of The Flowers (Tee’s Extended Mix) 5:14
B2 Revenge Of The Flowers (M&T Instrumental) 5:16

Introducing – Pfaff

So I’ll slip this into proceedings………………

So not the German Sewing Machine company but…..



Drinking Buddy and brewer Jack Dixon is in a bit of a unique band. They do a genre called Math Rock, basically it’s instrumental with weird time signatures, random riffing and jazzy licks. It’s unusual but compelling to listen to. Pfaff are 3 bearded gentlemen, Drummer Phil Jackson, Jack on guitar and myriads of pedals and Andy on bass.

I’ve seen them live a couple of times. (They’re on tour at the moment) They can get mellow, heavy, loud or soft in a period of about 15 seconds. It’s the musicianship that isappealing, they always look like they’re having fun and it’s just………..different from stuff going on at the moment. I think and hope big things will be on the horizon for them…I feel it in my water.

Check out their bandcamp page.

And Facebook

So regular viewers, what do you think? Spread the love…..


Nina Hagan – In My World (German 12″)

Sounding very soulful and sounding a bit like Claudia Brucken with lazy , down tempo beats, along with plenty of funk and gentle keyboards (Dolby ?)

Robin Hancock remixes the first couple of tracks, using sampled drum loops and jazz horns.

Mixed by the old master Zeus B. Held who adds funky flute, sampled horns and added guitar licks to the regular 12″ (which in included here as a bonus)

The Chameleon of any style, this was completely new to me!

Mercury ‎– 868 625-1

A – In My World (Peach Groove Mix) – 5:30nina

B1 – In My World (Voxy Sleaze Mix) – 4:54

B2 – In My World (Nite Mix) – 3:40




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