Yes – Leave It (US Promo 12″)

From the same album as the Trevor Horn produced, “Owner Of A Lonely Heart.” 90125 (one of the first albums ever released on CD) was a comeback album that is considered a masterpiece to some or a commercial cop out.This is a pre-Art Of Noise slice of pop-rock, layering Anderson’s vocals to King Singer’s proportions. Certainly not as catchy or iconic as “Owner” it still is a great composition as Yes stake their relevance to the 80’s.

The “Hello/Goodbye” mix is excellent, complex and very long. The sound of Horn getting his Mojo together before the formation of ZTT. It more electronic and dubby with Anderson’s voice thrown into the Fairlight over a repetitive bass line. The 7″ is here as well if you want a less farted around version. The A Capella is almost religioius.

Bonus track is the rockier “City Of Love” with some riffage from Trevor Rabin. Fans say their heaviest track.

I’m getting my Air Guitar out!!

ATCO Records ‎– PR 587leave

A1 Leave It (Single Version With Edit) 3:53
A2 City Of Love 4:48
B1 Leave It (Hello/Goodbye Mix) 9:30
B2 Leave It (A Capella) 3:19

Friday – Strangers In The Night (12″)

So here is my weird version by Friday. Very Dead Or Alive and more Alternative sounding; released in 1986 by mystery producer and lead vocalist Friday (?) it has plenty of sampled sound.

The must listen to B-side “The End” is a great little gem, Bowie-esque with slap bass and heaps of weirdness. An interesting listen.

Sorry, don’t know anything about the artist!!!

Riversmeet Records ‎– 12 RMR 1strangersfrontcov

A Strangers In The Night (Dance Remix)
B The End (Dance Remix)

Baumann – Strangers In The Night (US Promo 12″)

When Mike sends over his batch of 80’s twelves we very rarely duplicate (he’s been sending stuff over since November 2015). It seems to be like a 6th Sense we don’t stumble upon buying the same thing and wanting to share it. Weirdly I thought I duplicated on this track, “Strangers In The Night” made famous by Sinatra back in the day. It turns out their was two obscure 80’s covers of this classic. Here is the first….

A synthpop release from German group by Baumann and I remember the sci-fi inspired video with early C.G.I. from Oxford Road Show. It was in fact from Berliner, Peter Baumann (a member of Tangerine Dream in the 70’s)

So it’s very camp; but with some different sounds from 1983, you even get a synth solo. On the mix was New York DJ/producer Reggie Thompson.

The “Rap Version” is very strange if you wanted to throw in the odd,weird vocal sample over another record.

Portrait ‎– 4R9-04029SAM_8215

A1 Strangers In The Night (Long Version) 5:40
A2 Strangers In The Night (Single Version) 3:28
B1 Fremde In Der Nacht 3:54
B2 Strangers In The Night (Bonus Rap) 1:20

Landscape – Japan (Promo 12″)


Dipping into 1979 and the emergence of Landscape, a Jazz group that got heavily into electronics and synths to produced a weird hybrid of sounds underpinned by the electronic percussion being created by Richard James Burgess.

Andy Pask (bass), Christopher Heaton (synths), John L. Walters (synths and woodwinds), Peter Thoms (trombone) and Richard James Burgessm (drums and percussion) started in London back in 1974 and released two instrumental E.P.s on their own Event Horizon label.

This was produced by a youthful Greg Walsh who went on to be a massive 80’s producer and arranger. The lead instrumental track from their debut album, here extended with added oriental synth sounds and those distinct electronic trombones. Gotham City is more from their jazz/funk routes. A bouncing bass from Pask and primitive Simmons drums with some heavy handed phasing on the bridge section.

RCA ‎– PC 5183goth

A Japan
B Gotham City


Re-uppage 29 (Yello, Stevie Wonder, INXS, The Cure, Paul McCartney, Bronski Beat, Marc Almond, Billy Idol, Art Of Noise, Survivor)

Not many requests this week 😉 but great choices!

Yello – La Habanera (Hands On Yello) (2 x 12″) For Andreas









Stevie Wonder – Master Blaster (US 12″) For Stephen (choosing a bit of Blaster!)









INXS – Suicide Blonde (UK 12″) For Stephen (the Blonde Bombshell)


The Cure – Close To Me (12″) For Stephen (Another choice Banger!)


Paul McCartney – Spies Like Us (12″) For KM   (Sorry About The Delay)


Bronski Beat & Marc Almond – I Feel Love (Remixes) For Joe


Marc Almond – The Boy Who Came Back (12″) For Joe









Marc Almond – Waifs And Strays (12″) For Joe (it’s nice to get this Marc Almond stuff back out there)


Billy Idol – Mony Mony (Live) (US 12″) For Neil (I am a man of my word!)









Art Of Noise – Re-Works Of The Art Of Noise (Mini LP) For Neil









Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger (12″) For Neil (I still have a quite a few to do for you!)



















Laid Back ‎– White Horse ’89 (12″)

Lots of 80’s remixes from the 80’s appeared towards the end in ’89 and this is prime example of completely destroying the original.

John Guldberg and Tim Stahl formed Laid Back in Copenhagen back in 1979, producing quirky electronica.  “White Horse” was a cult wide-world hit back in 1983 and had his re-release back in 1989 with too many cheesy sample overdubs for my ears.

The original used a TR-808, Rolands & Prophet V synths, GR synth and a lot of knob-twiddling, done live while recording but also in the mix. A stone-cold classic.

Sire ‎– W 2836Thorse

A White Horse ’89 (White House Mix)
B1 White Horse ’89 (Dance Mix)
B2 White Horse (Original Version)

Nona Hendryx ‎– Transformation / Design For Living (US 12″)

More leftfield Diva electronic excursions from the legendary Nona Hendryx from 1983.

From Discogs

Got her start recording in 1962 with Patti LaBelle, Sarah Dash and Cindy Birdsong in the vocalgroup Patti LaBelle And The Bluebells. When Birdsong left for Supremes the other three members changed the group’s name to LaBelle, transforming themselves into futuristic disco-funk divas. Nona Hendryx wrote a number of songs for the band before their breakup in 1976 and she went on to pursue a solo career with her self-titled debut album the next year. She has worked with such diverse collaborators as the Laura Nyro, Allen Toussaint, Talking Heads, Bill Laswell, and Bootsy Collins and many others.

So we get some synth funk with “Transformation” written with Carol Pope and Kevan Staples (both from the band Rough Trade) very Grace Jones with a slice of the Eurythmics and quite fantastic and groovy

Wonky gospel with some weird synth sounds on B-side “Design For Living.” Out there!

RCA ‎– PD-13560SAM_6114

A Transformation 5:32
B Design For Living 5:22

Laura Branigan – Hold Me (US Promo 12″)

Rare bit of wax from the late Laura Branigan released in 1985 and seeing that she must have pumped into Billy Ocean in the lift up to the studio. Only getting a US release, this was produced by Harold Faltermeyer and mixed by Beau Hill giving it a very polished, East Coast, synthetic sound with saxophone by Gary Lee Herbig. Written by Beth Andersen and Bill Bodine it was the lead track from the album of the same name. Not on any of her compilations.

Same mix on both sides.

Atlantic ‎– DMD 892hold

A Hold Me (Vocal / New Extended Remix) 5:16
B Hold Me (Vocal / New Extended Remix) 5:16


Sting ‎– Love Is The Seventh Wave (New Mix) (12″)

The case of the 12″ having exactly the same tracks and times as the 7″ (well by a few seconds) – we’ve not had one of those for a while! It does sound fabulous though with the new cartridge.

The second single from the album “Dream Of The Blue Turtles” and mixed with Danny Quatrochi, former roadie, technician and friend of the members of The Police and who also photographed the cover. It’s light reggae feel with some Frank Opolko on trombone

The B-side is a live version of the laidback, jazzy “Consider Me Gone” recorded in France at The Mogador Theatre in Paris.

A&M Records ‎– AMY 272wavefrontcov

A Love Is The Seventh Wave (New Mix) 4:05
B Consider Me Gone (Live) 4:45

Hipsway ‎– The Honeythief (2 x 12″)

Funnily enough this was not up on here so I will make amends with the ultimate “Honeythief” package, a double 12″ pack and poster.

Released in 1986 the Glaswegian 4-piece had been around a few years before and not had the commercial success Mercury was expecting. Formed by ex-Altered Images guitarist Johnny McElhone on bass (now with Texas), and featuring Grahame Skinner (vocals), Pim Jones (guitar) and Harry Travers (drums). Skinner and Jones went on to form Witness in the early 90’s and Skinner was later in Cowboy Mouth and Jones formed Big Yoga Muffin in 2000. It seems the band have resurfaced with promise of an album this year.

Produced with Paul Staveley O’Duffy and Gary Langan it has plenty of 80’s swagger. B-side track “Wild Sorrow” is more rocky with some nice atmospheric sounds, reminds me of INXS. The “Galus Mix” sounds very Go West with a mad, panning middle section.

Previous single “Broken Years” shows a more funk edge. There is even a guitar V piano solo. Like all the other mixes they’re not extended past 5 mins!!!

All other Hipsway links have been re-upped!


Mercury ‎– MERXD 212hipsfrontcov

A The HoneyThief (Extended Version)
B1 The HoneyThief (7” Version)
B2 Wild Sorrow
C The HoneyThief (Galus Mix)
D Broken Years (12” Version)
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