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Re-uppage 9 (Rhythm Device, Doppelganger, Wax, Malcolm McLaren,

Rhythm Device – Acid Rock (12″) For DJ Tim


Doppelganger – Communication Breakdown For Winston


WAX – Ball and Chain (US 12″) For Sarah K









Malcolm McLaren – Soweto (12″) For Paulo X



T99 – Slidy (12″)


New Beat ? What was that all about?

From 1988 and from Belgium and on the “Who’s That Beat?” label. Mastered at FOON Mastering Center, Lier, Belgium. It did tick all the New Beat boxes. So this is an early incarnation of T99, comprising of the duo of Phil Wilde and Patrick De Meyer.

Odd samples (Beverley Hills Cop) and whispered but cheesy vocals. The instrumental is bearable as a bit of synth dance.

Who’s That Beat? ‎– WHOS 4whofrontcov

A1 Slidy (Extended Version) 5:14
B1 Slidy (Emergency Version) 2:51
B2 Slidy (Instrumental Version) 4:26


Penthouse 4 ‎– Bust This House Down (12″)


Early UK House from ’88 with their only hit and first release. Comprising of producers Jim Hawkins and Steve Warwick with vocalist Steve Myers. Probably too commercial at the time for the Club DJ’s but it does come with a couple of mighty fine Freddy Bastone mixes (nice phasing on the main mix) with funky sax and large, kicking bass.

As with a lot of vinyl (eu naturale) there always seems to be a bit of noise at the start so do bare with it

“Easy B Side” does what it does on the tin, Electro Boogaloo beats over the vocals until the rocky backing track kicks in.

Syncopate  ‎– 12SY 10pentfrontcov

A Bust This House Down (John Shaft’s Mix) 7:32
B1 Bust This House Down (John Shaft’s Dub Mix) 4:50
B2 Easy B Side 3:28

Doug Lazy – Let It Roll (US 12″)

Aaaaah! Hip-house! and a classic from 1989 from Doug Lazy. All 808 beats and deep grooves.

Written and produced by Doug Lazy with mixing done with Raze producer Vaughan Mason. 119 b.p.m. if truth be known, it’s all about the bassline and those chimes. Love the DJ tool, “Lazypella” (already for an update)

Atlantic ‎– 0-86407SAM_8695

A1 Let It Roll (Vocal) 5:40
A2 Let It Roll (Instrumental) 6:08
B1 Let It Roll (Dub) 5:51
B2 Let It Roll (Lazypella) 3:30


Distant Cousins ‎– You Used To (12″)

A slow and soulful release from Manchester band, Distant Cousins. Similar to M People with even more soul and with a touch of jazz, helped by the rich voice of Doreen Edwards,

The B-side, “Concrete Boxes” is more of a guitar based, with plenty of indie jangle from band member Neil Fitzpatrick, who was in Post Punk band, The Smirks.

Additional track is back to Jazz, just voice of Miss Edwards, stunning singing and doing a great tribute to Ellie Fitzgerald’s “My Man”….. hauntingly cool!

Not on i-tunes….like a lot of stuff on this blog.

Ghetto Recording Company ‎– GTGT7youfrontcov

A1 You Used To
B1 Concrete Boxes
B2 My Man

Re-uppage 8 (Dire Straits, Man To Man, Malcolm McLaren, Dragon, Metro)

Dire Straits – Skateaway / Tunnel Of Love (US Promo 12″) For Paul









Man To Man – Energy Is Eurobeat/ I Need A Man/ Male Stripper LTD 12″ For Leon


Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals (US 12″) For my own curiosity.









Dragon – Rain (12″) For Aussie Stephen who likes this blog a lot!!!









Metro – America In My Head (12″) For Myself because it was on Netkups and thus the link had died ages ago!




Europeans ‎– The Animal Song (US 12″)

More from Europeans, their debut release from 1982 produced by Trevor Vallis and mixed Wally Brill (2 studio guys I’ve never heard of, surprisingly) Weird new romantic warbles on an extended version. A touch of the tribal energy of Adam And The Ants on this catchy fun, lost gem. “Someone’s Changing” is a bit slower but just as quirky.

A&M Records ‎– SP-12064animal

A The Animal Song (Cross Country Version) 7:00
B1 The Animal Song 3:52
B2 Someone’s Changing 3:45

The Christians ‎– When The Fingers Point (US 12″)

1988 and the US release of their debut single which had a complete remix/rework by Ivan Ivan to jazz up a track that was released a year earlier and produced by Laurie Latham. More punchy, dancier and tighter and an entirely different listen to the original, bringing the bass out and messing around with the organ and sax sounds and adding extra samples, especially on the “Dub Version.”

Island Records ‎– 0-96638SAM_1954

A When The Fingers Point (Extended Remix) 6:05
B1 When The Fingers Point (Radio Edit) 3:28
B2 When The Fingers Point (Dub Version) 6:00

Zip – Your Love (12″)

What’s in a name ? Only if it’s an obscure side project by legend Pete Shelley!

From 1988 and it sees him working with producer John Fryer and the only release from the trio. Pete Shelley – Guitar, Vocals, Gerrard Cookson – Guitar and Programming  and Mark Sanderson – Bass.

It is typical Shelley with pop songs hiding under a layer of electronics. The B-side is even better, blending punk rock guitar and sequencers.

See I do post the odd gem 🙂

Immaculate Records ‎– 12 IMMAC 5zipbackcov

A1 – Your Love – 3:21

A2 – Give It To Me (Ext) – 5:52

B – Your Love (Ext) – 6:44

Sly & Robbie ‎– A Dub Experience (Vinyl LP)


I have records too 🙂

So this was a very pleasant listen, a 1985 release from Island Records, a bit of introduction to Dub for the curious (Part of the Island ‘Reggae Greats’ series). Exclusively  mixed by Paul ‘Groucho’ Smykle with Stephen Street. This truly showcases the talent of Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar, legends of the reggae/dub scene and is essentially a dub version of Black Uhuru, Dennis Brown, The Tamlins, Junior Delgado, Flabba Holt and Bobby Floyd. Short but very inventive and absolutely timeless!!

Island Records ‎– IRG 7slyrobfrontcov

A1 Destination Unknown 4:30
A2 Assault On Station 5 3:29
A3 Joy Ride 3:36
A4 Demolition City 5:35
B1 Computer Malfunction 4:57
B2 Jailbreak 3:53
B3 Skull & Crossbones 2:55
B4 Back To Base 4:08
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