About Me

As an experienced blogger and vinyl junkie I endeavour to share my own vinyl with you with all it’s fragilities. As some of the links are dead please feel free to request a re-up and I’ll be happy to help.

482 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi this blog really rocks big time. I have only just spotted it on the net so excuse my gushing. Requested the Yazoo Don’t Go US Promo Dble 12 bin after these for decades But still had to thank you for this superb blog.

  2. Hi Again.
    This blog just get’s better and better, love it. I’ve noticed, whilst mooching about, that you’ve previously posted That Petrol Emotion’s ‘Big Decision’ US 12″ (Inc. Jet Fuel Mix & Dub). Any chance of a re-post?

      1. Thanks for this – epic! Not sure if an 80’s FK remix compilation exists? Perhaps we could compile one?

  3. Probable my favorite music site now, I don’t know how you do it all. I just keep filling my new (old) music shopping bag and a few days later the shelves are stocked again. My son (in college) loves to listen to music to study by, I just like to listen while doing Facebook etc… Wife just likes to remind me to keep it at a decent level. She is right of course, I do get carried away at times… Thanks for what you do sir…

  4. Hi Again being cheeky here can you re up Heaven 17 – Play To Win this is pretty old but just a hope it can be done i have been after the B side (Play) for years and i do mean years.
    Your Yazoo re post for me was fantastic and god knows how long i had tried to find the Todd Terry mixes intact.

  5. Could you please re-up the Blue Rondo Slipping into daylight 12inch??? I lost it, and without my life’s incomplete…Love you for passion to 80ties vinyl!!!! the man who was Detektiv Rockford…

    1. Matt – No Need To Use PayPal – Better If I Just Come Across them! Lately I’ve been finding and buying a lot of stuff I’m on the hunt for on Discogs & Record Stores. So with that I tossed this in my bundle of records
      The other listed selection I’ll be on the lookout as well as the other Gowan you asked about and a couple others you inquired about. No problem at all !! Like to get a bunch more Razormaid, Disconet & Other remix services but we’ll see……!!

  6. Hi There,

    Is there any way you could re-up POE – HELLO (US PROMO 2 X 12β€³)?? The link is dead for this one, thank yoU!!!!

  7. I have a request for a re-uppage please – Big Audio Dynamite – James Brown 12″. Thank yoi so much.

  8. Hello and a while ago I visit this blog friend and the truth is sensational versions that I had never heard. I congratulate you this very good, I would like if you can post the extended version of Drum Theater – Moving targets is a version that I could never hear from now Thank you very much, Leo.

  9. Hi again a big please can you re post the Malcolm McLaren solo singles you have i am after Soweto 12 inch single which had a zippy link from last year now expired. please can you def repost this.
    Again this is a superb website

  10. Hi would it be possible to re post the Malcolm McLaren singles again i am requesting particularly Soweto (12 inch) which had a posting back in 2018 i think. Please can you re up this.
    (Blame Sky Arts I have been watching a number of docs about the genius who was Malcolm McLaren and it got the creative urge going and I can’t find much anywhere on the web.)

      1. Hmmm, so weird.. files are not opening on my end for some reason or another? Will try again.. thank you so much for the speedy reply!

  11. I’ve been looking for some long lost vinyl, maybe you can help…looking for stuff from a band called “daKRASH”, it was a Jesse Johnson project. They only put out 1 self titled album & 2 singles “Wasn’t I Good to Ya?” & “Trapped in Phases”.

    I know it’s a long shot, I think I’m the only one who bought their stuff…TIA.

  12. Hey, this blog is incredible, thanks so much for all the great 12″ singles! I’m trying to find The Style Council’s “Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm” 12″ but it’s been tough, if you have it and could post it, that would be swell!

  13. After the sad death of Ric Ocasek, I wonder if you could repost links to his solo 12″ singles for “Jimmy Jimmy” and “Prove”/”Connect Up to Me.” I for one would appreciate it.

  14. Hi DJ! Hope you had the merriest of holidays. Question: I have some great vinyl LPs (Lone Justice/Shelter, Platinum Blonde/Alien Shores, The Goonies Soundtrack, Crosby, Stills & Nash/Daylight Again) just to name a few. If you’re interested in posting any of these all I ask in return is credit for the vinyl rips! I also have 100s of 12″ singles and 45s… Just let me know, but don’t worry – you won’t hurt my feelings if the answer is no. Keep on keeping on! Best, RH

  15. Hello friend, I am looking for this edition of this album: Styx β€Žβ€“ Mr. Roboto (Dance Mix) RARE JAPAN PROMO 12INCH ORIGINAL.
    Can you get it and upload it in a good quality?
    I send you a big hug from Neuquen, Argentina

    1. Hi Ozzy, no problem, doing it now. If you want any more requests post them in the comments section of the actual post. It helps with housekeeping.

  16. Hello ! Thanx for the reuploads…
    I’m looking for a long time for the rip of a record I have on vinyl But nothing to rip it 😦
    Maybe you could find it ? Thanks anyway

  17. Do you have any Iron Airship? I’m interested in Iron Airship 2 – Whole Lotta Dove & The Lime song in particula!


    1. Rany , rany , rany, rany. Please Please Please be patient. You need to put the links with actual post. I will do them Thursday. Zippyshare is banned in the UK. Please be patient, remember this is a FREE! service.

  19. Brilliant blog – thanks for all the insanity (and your cogent, cheeky commentary). My particular interest lies in what I and my warped / like-minded friends refer to as “trash / junk / Teflon dub,” remixes and edits grafted onto 12″ releases (as you’re obviously aware) by MOR / AOR / new wave-ish / or otherwise incongruous artistes. You’ve really helped me expand my collection of this wonderfully odd micro-niche (I buy the odd 12″ from Discogs as well – they go for pennies on the pound), and this is my first re-up request: https://myvinyldreams.wordpress.com/2018/08/26/gino-vannelli-%e2%80%8e-in-the-name-of-money-special-12-single-mix-us-12/

    Best wishes, Tom

  20. Great site! Could you please re-up Roxanne Shante Go on gril, 2020-link is already dead πŸ™‚

  21. Hi there, I found a tape that I made back in the ’80 of electronic new wave album that I can’t remember their name, do you think you can help me identify the artist, please? Thanks very much, J.

      1. Hi, Thanks. where should I send it? my link won’t work here because of your system automatically blocks links such as this.

  22. Just found your blog two weeks ago and I am enjoying every minute of it. Actually, the first thing I do now when I get back home from work is check your new posts, and you never disappoint. Thanks!

  23. Thanks very much for the excellent blog! If you could see fit to re-upping the Visage Beat Boy 12″ from this past January’s post I would be grateful.

  24. Hi there, I’m looking for this very nice pop-soul single from 1986: Paris Bis – Body & Soul b/w La Nuit Unique. It’s rare though and I’ve never seen a digital copy. Please post it if you have it or find it. Thanks a lot.

  25. Hi there, thank you for sharing your vinyl – incredible collection! Could I please request a re-up of this rare vinyl in FLAC? PAUL HARDCASTLE FEAT. STEVE MENZIES β€Žβ€“ CAN’T STOP NOW (US 12β€³). Thank you!! R

  26. Hi, i have a vast vinyl collection and busy digitizing the hell out of it. I would love to contribute some of my stuff that is not already on your site.
    What would be the requirements for the material i would like to add?
    (photos of sleeves,labels, quality of files?) I usually use WeTransfer. That way i can send up to 2 GB at a time πŸ™‚ completely safe of course.
    Kind regards,
    Dalebanon (NL)

    1. Of course if you’ve got stuff not on here, 320 kps for files, you drop them here and I’ll curate. Digitised mine years and ended up buying 3 times as much of my original colllection to keep things ticking over them Mike B started helping out and we are another 2000 + posts down the line. Just let me know and I’ll sort it through. I’m half expecting to have a knock at the door and be taken down so be quick!

      1. Really, Hope Not!! So have you heard exactly what would happen or be the procedures to taking the blog down. Hope not too drastic!!!!

        Some of the blogs from last year run by google were taken down of which I visited, just found that out about 2 months ago.
        Then another blog later on,,,,,,maybe !?

      2. Hey, Dalebanon here. sent you files through WeTransfer but probably the wrong email adress. Could you give a proper email adress to send it to? Cheers,F.

      1. Always back up for sure. Did you receive any warnings or just thinking this in general?

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