The Shamen – Move Any Mountain – Progen 91 + Progeny (CDS + 3 x 12″)

Deep Breath !

So this got a re-release with a bit of a name change and propelled them to legendary. Every remixer who was anybody got a chance to have a go at this track. Here there are 24 different mixes !!! I curated them all! (and given a mark out of 5)

The Beat Edit, by The Beatmasters, is the most commercial mixes. Renamed from the 1990 release where it was Beatmasters 7″ mix. It did it job in terms of success (3)

The Landslide Edit, John Rudd and The Kid feels a bit like EMF, a metally Hip Hop Beat but with too much cheesy rap. (4)

F2 Mello mix by the trio of Caspar Pound, Colin Angus and Peter Smith, gives it another different vibe. More trippy and Progressive in arrangement with slightly different drums. (4)

“Mountains In The Sky” (Casper Pound) sees breakbeats and vocal loops. The Rap and vocals are upfront and their are some overdubs in there with a rough bass.

One Little Indian – 52TP7CD

1Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)3:28
2Move Any Mountain (Landslide Edit)3:48
3Move Any Mountain (F2 Mello)6:12
4Move Any Mountain (Mountains In The Sky)6:03

Mike B is chipping in with this enormous collection of mixes.

Starting with a Bryan ‘Chuck’ New and ‘Evil’ Ed Richards smooth mix, layered beats and plenty of drops and breaks. (4)

Joey Beltram (and Tommy Musto) giving it a bit a darker Trance vibe, adding a lead acid bubble. (3)

A Remix by the late Caspar Pound, founder of the legendary Rising High label, is next. Breakbeats and loops and a harder feel with a dubbed out Mr C. More overdubs on the hardest mix so far but spoilt by a gimmicky Egyptian synth riff. (3)

The F Troop trio are involved in the Alta Vista mix, sounds much like the original but with that chilled vibe and a glass sounding main riff. Full rap included (3)

*More* Frankie Knuckles gives it a smooth but heavy Dub mix “Move Any Mountain (The Prelude To Paradise Beat Mix)” lowest bass yet and largest drums yet and using the amen break. (5)

Getting harder with the 666 Edit from Eddie Richards, fierce editing done with a razorblade it seems. (3)

The familiar Oakenfold mix is next, really driving the track along but tends to drag it out (4)

The “Beatmasters Dub” is a slightly different from their other dub, very hard and in your face. (4)

Frankie Bones “Mastermix” is the most radically different, nicely not too obvious but still recognisable. (5)

The Beltram Vox or Dub appears again. And still gets a (3)

The Landslide Full version works even better if you want an Indie Dance tune but too much C rap. (4)

Paul Gotel (The Goat) drops in with both a Rude and Rude edit version. Analogue bleeps and some rich piano chords. Again different enough to drop and fool people into thinking this is a current mix (5)

Colin Shamen and Mr. C complete the C mix which appeared before on the 1990 version, a bit too pots and pans for the old ears and ripping of Yello’s “The Race” in places with that horn riff. (3)

Track 20 is a DJ tool with the original samples and sounds isolated. To take what you need.×

One Little Indian – TPLP32

A1Move Any Mountain (Bang To The Beat Of The Drum)5:45
A2Move Any Mountain (Beltram Vox)5:30
A3Move Any Mountain (Rising High Dub)7:25
B4Move Any Mountain (Alta Vista)6:16
B5Move Any Mountain (The Prelude To Paradise Beat Mix)5:12
B6Move Any Mountain (666 Edit)4:49
C7Move Any Mountain (Land Of Oz)5:44
C8Move Any Mountain (Beatmasters Dub)3:56
C9Move Any Mountain (The Bones Break Mastermix)6:11
D10Move Any Mountain (Beltram Vox)5:20
D11Move Any Mountain (Landslide Vox)5:27
D12Move Any Mountain (Rude)5:40
D13Move Any Mountain (C Mix)6:47
E14Move Any Mountain (Beat Edit)3:30
E15Move Any Mountain (Rude Edit)3:44
E16Move Any Mountain (Landslide Edit)3:48
E17Move Any Mountain (F. Troop Edit)3:27
F18Move Any Mountain (Oz Edit)3:39
F19Move Any Mountain (Bang Edit)3:32
F25Oz Loop
F26Beltram Loop
F27Devil Loop
F28MAM Lo Vox
F29MAM Hi Vox
F30MAM Harmony
F32Bang To The Beat Vox
F33No 1 Vox
F34C. Rap
F35Colin Rap

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  1. Well I have been leeching a lot here lately… Sent ya a few songs to sort through DJ Jed, you know the drill, throw out the ones that ya don’t like (or repeats)… I did try to search for them, but I mess up and sometimes send ya stuff you already have (probable cause I got them from you at one time or another).

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