Curve – A Small Collection

Amassing a collection together we have some Curve for you to have a listen to. A much forgotten band, when the music press were to busy looking at the Seattle Grunge scene. Just don’t mention Garbage.

Frozen (12″)

From May 1991 and 4 songs on this E.P. Grungy Shoegaze with some beats. Mixed by Alan Moulder. “Coast Is Clear” is a wall of guitars and a growling bassline. With a “flute” riff as the hook.

“The Colour Hurts” is a slow grower and the pick from the E.P. A good blend of synths and guitars

“Frozen” has another great lead riff, a lighter track going into Cocteau Twins territory.

“Zoo” has bit of Garcia on vocals. Dark and sensual with some effects on Toni vocals. A bit psychedelic and swirling.

Anxious Records – ANX T 30

A1Coast Is Clear
A2The Colour Hurts

Faît Accompli (US Promo 12″)

The extended version is much better produced than the LP, love the flanger used on the bass and the extra beats. Their most well known song.

Charisma – DMD 1804

AFaît Accompli6:25
BFaît Accompli4:10

Missing Link (LTD Edition US Promo 12″)

From ’93 and the move to Industrial. Trent Reznor remixes track 1 with menace, separating the sounds and letting the beat and vocals dictate

Mark Stent adds some acid bubbles to the Rock sound. From the “Cuckoo” album.

Industrial edge on the track “On The Wheel”, harmonies in the chorus over a harsh industrial backing, going down the NIN route.”+Ltd+Edtn+Mixes+-+1993.rar/file

Charisma – SPRO-14191

A1Missing Link (Screaming Bird Mix)6:25
A2Missing Link (Remix)4:20
BOn The Wheel6:02

Coming Up Roses (12″)

Going to one of their last tracks, released in April ’98 with 4 remixes. Blue Amazon (Huddersfield producers Lee Softley and James Reid) kick off with an electro covered mix which works well the vocals. The Club mix is far too long to get going. The guitar lead work really well, over the top of the frantic beats and bubbling acid.

Talvin Singh brings his tablas to his Trip Hop mix and Jeremy Wheatley’s mix is another trip hop gem and nearest to the LP version.”+Vinyl+-+1998.rar/file

Universal Records – UMT80489

A1Coming Up Roses (Blue Amazon’s Crystaline Vocal Mix)6:04
A2Coming Up Roses (Blue Amazon’s Quad Club Mix)10:47
B1Coming Up Roses (Jeremy Wheatley’s Full Mix)4:02
B2Coming Up Roses (Talvin Singh Remix)8:10

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