Dalek I Love You – Ambition + Re-ups (12″)

There is certainly not enough of this forgotten Liverpudlian band on here (I’m really sure I have another twelve by them ripped somewhere)

From their self titled LP and released in September 1983 this is what it is, a dance track about ambition, slap bass and drum machine. Vocal snippets and samples (“Push The Button”, “Kill Flies”) and a shouty bit as it extends to over 7 minutes.

Comparisons with Kissing The Pink are valid. The B-side could be by KTP, weird percussion, choirs and just strangeness.

Here is a great article if you’ve not heard of them before.



Korova – KOW 29 T

AAmbition (Extended Version)
B1(I Am) Hot Person (Extended Version)
B2Would You Still Love Me

3 thoughts on “Dalek I Love You – Ambition + Re-ups (12″)”

  1. Good call on the Kissing The Pink comparisons. Those two bands were among the few in the ’83-’84 period who were attempting to maintain the sense of Post-Punk adventure in the British scene. Where everyone else was aiming at MOR “blue-eyed soul.”

  2. Think I have one more soon! (Haven’t Digitized stuff for a while just buying a lot, I’d better get on it!)

    Once again – Depeche Mode announcement New Album & Tour and it looks like I’ll be going back to where I saw Roxy Music last week at the Forum.


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