Swansway – When The Wild Calls *links added* + Re-ups (Promo 12″)

Matt will be pleased ! Thanks Mike B !

All about unusual arrangements and particularly the Double Bass. Quite a few producers involved with Mike Thorne producing the main track

The original B-side was produced with Mark Freegard, track 2 by John Walters and the last track by Simon ‘Jellybean’ Woods.

The rare instrumentals show the band should have been composing film soundtracks.



Balgier – PH9122

A1When The Wild Calls (Club Cut)4:34
A2Anchor Instrumental (Not To Be Released)3:27
B1Hangover (Club Cut)4:40
B2Film-Long Version (Not To Be Released)4:40

6 thoughts on “Swansway – When The Wild Calls *links added* + Re-ups (Promo 12″)”

  1. Totally agree with Simon. I’ve never heard of this release before, despite being a fan of the band since Soul Train. I know you’re busy but if you could add the download link I’d be very grateful 🙂

  2. Interesting at 2:23 in the Wild Calls (Club Cut) they do a familiar rift that was in the Waterboys song “Gala” (which I love)… This song is well on the way to also making my A-list… Thanks for sharing..

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