Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal + Re-up (US 12″)

Bringing popularism to the blog! (And playing with fire in terms of threats from a DMCA) Don’t worry it won’t last long!

7th Single from Bad was released in the UK on 14 November 1988. Promoting the “Moonwalker” film and having some interesting mixes. Originally produced by Quincy Jones and remixed by Bruce Swedien.

The best studio equipment and best session musicians. The main mix includes a clipped bass and harder drums. Much more electronic than I remember.

On the “Annie’s Mix” there’s plenty of Synclavier (Christopher Currell) and synths. The brass and guitar having been nearly taken out.

The Accapella is fun to listen to the weird , strained vocals. I didn’t know they were that unusual , it’s almost as if someone is doing an exaggerated karaoke take !



Epic – 49 07895

A1Smooth Criminal (Extended Dance Mix)7:46
A2Smooth Criminal (Extended Dance Mix Radio Edit)5:20
B1Smooth Criminal (Annie Mix)5:35
B2Smooth Criminal (Dance Dub Mix)4:45
B3Smooth Criminal (A Capella)4:12

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