Red Flag – Machines *Links Added* + Re-ups (US 12″)

On with the 90’s and the gathering together of this Cult synth duo’s work.

Kicking off with this ’92 with 8(!) mixes, some quite short. Tony Garcia mixes the first 3 tracks. The Reynolds Brothers keep their trademark melodies but surround it with sequencers and samples, kicking off with Nitzer Ebb sounding “Metal Shop Mix” The “House Of Sprockets” keeps the song amongst the added beats. The LP version is quite decent.

Heartfelt lyrics – ‘One Earth, One Mother, one day people will discover. One more reason, One more try, don’t say goodbye… I couldn’t face the world, if I couldn’t change my world!’ mmmm ?

The following mix melds the sample Rhythmik Vibrations into an instrumental, robotic disco. Rave is the style of the “Hammer And Saw” , I would have loved to hear this back in the day. It includes all the familiar size and then the vocals kick in. The best of the bunch. The “Ambient Dub” isn’t very ambient , beats have been removed but it still remains on the Rave tip.

The final two tracks are of their time. Techno tracks with some rudimentary samples, very Rave lite. Like the smattering of Acid on the penultimate track, cheesy as it may sound.

Links Added …sorry !”

I.R.S. Records – V-13863

A1Machines (Metal Shop Mix)
A2Machines (House Of Sprockets Mix)
A3Machines (LP Version)
A4Machines / Rhythmik Vibrations (The Medley Mix)
AA1Machines (Hammer And Saw Mix)
AA2Machines (Ambient Dub)
AA3Machines (Tekno Acid Dub)
AA4Machines / Rhythmik Vibrations (Tekno Vibrations Mix)

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