Paul Young – Not the Rest But The Best ( 3 x 12″)

Not a special edition release but some of my older rips. When he was into his synths and experimentation. All from ’83.

I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (White Label 12″)

Produced by Laurie Latham and given the Potoker treatment and that liquid bass. A top, top mix with the right amount of gimmicks and funk.

More bass to be found on the extended version from the album ” Th Secret Of Association” and the Simmons SDS V snare sound. Jim Paterson from Dexy’s adds his trombone.

CBS – TA 6762

AI’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (US Remix)6:15
BHot Fun

Come Back And Stay / Yours (Extended Club Mix Versions) (12″)

In My Top Twenty 80’s tracks, especially in this extended form. September 83 so 39 years young!!

Featuring (from the sleeve)

  • Backing Vocals – Kim & Maz, The Fabulous Wealthy Tarts
  • Bass – Pino Palladino
  • Drums – Mark Pinder
  • Featuring – The Royal Family
  • Guitar – Paul
  • Guitar [Ghost] – Steve Bolton (from Atomic Rooster)
  • Keyboards – The Rev

“Yours” sounds pretty current , a slower groove. Some good vocal workouts and that weird bass. A bit of a forgotten classic.

CBS – TA 3636

ACome Back And Stay (Extended Club Mix Version)7:31
BYours (Extended Club Mix Version)5:39

Wherever I Lay My Hat / Broken Man / Sex (12″)

So here it is. Who says we don’t put the obvious on here! I was that young at the time I didn’t even know it was a cover.

If you were to have a successful hit you needed a decent B-side so “Broken Man” with it’s EMU sampled strings showcases Young’s voice really well.

Hidden away is one of my favourite tracks by him, the saucy “Sex”, heard it on the Tube and was sold! Air Simmons and those samples and weird noises.

CBS – TA 3371

A1Wherever I Lay My Hat (Extended Club Mix Version)5:59
A2Broken Man3:54
BSex (Extended Club Mix Version)7:00

4 thoughts on “Paul Young – Not the Rest But The Best ( 3 x 12″)”

  1. Paul Young has had a varied career, I became aware if him when he was in a band that song about Toast, a bloody awful song which I’m fairly sure Paul would agree on.

    I then went to see a band called the Q Tips and Luton’s finest singer was there singing in the band. To say he was outstanding would not really be fair, he was phenomenal. An outstanding voice with a shed load of stage presence I would rate them as my favourite band for ages. They had some minor success but sadly (very sadly) the band split up. I urge you if you’re into 60’s soul to check them out.

    Of course moving on to his next venture, where I guess world fame was found, I’m a fan of the singles, not so much the albums. The band were all good musicians though and as everyone knows his voice could belt a song out.

    Perhaps he needed a good voice to be heard over the machinery at the Vauxhall factory, I don’t know but as I have a strong link to Luton I feel kinda proud of Mr Young.

  2. It is a shame, especially when the 1980s was the last great decade of music. Forgetting all the obvious dross of course. There were brief periods in the latter decades but they were few and far between. That’s how I see it anyway, nothing I’ve heard for the past twenty years has stirred me as much as when I saw Portion Control in 1981. I think I’m getting old.

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