Eighth Wonder – Cross My Heart + Re-ups (US Promo 12″)

More gentle Freestyle (just like Kim Wilde did) from Patsy and the boys. From ’88 and produced by Pete Hammond and with the remixes from “Little” Louie Vega even Chep Nunez provides the edits to give it some Club credit but it really is just a weak Madonna soundalike.

If you like electro is does have a bit of appeal but the weak vocals and corny chorus will soon make you twitch. Thank God for the Dub with a different bass added!!!

The House Mix has some extra samples and works really well as an early example of House, Jack Your Body !!! Remixed by Pete Hammond with his PWL hat on.

Question , what did the other band members do ?

(P.S. It only took 3 Years to find this, for Chris who originally requested it!)



WTG Records – PAS 1294

A1Cross My Heart (Club Mix)6:50
A2Cross My Heart (Edit Of 12″ Version)4:58
B1Cross My Heart (House Mix)7:29
B2Cross My Heart (Dub Mix)6:00
B3Cross My Heart (Bonus Beats)2:38

One thought on “Eighth Wonder – Cross My Heart + Re-ups (US Promo 12″)”

  1. In 1988, 3 versions of ‘Cross My Heart’ by 3 different artists were on the radio at the same time. The artists: Eighth Wonder, Martika & Tracie Spencer.
    According to the song’s writer himself, the original was really by Martika & this was supposed to be a single for her. However, the record label didn’t think she would be a success so the song was given to other artists (Eighth Wonder & Tracie Spencer).

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