Thinkman – Life Is A Full Time Occupation (German 12″)

More from Rupert Hine’s Thinkman project with the title track of their second album from ’88. The quartet was Rupert Hine, Leo Hurll ,
Andy Paris and Joe MacArthur with Stephen W. Tayler helping in the studio.

The Full 12″ is a the best version with its breakdowns and catchy chorus. Lots of backing vocals and extra guitar from top session man Chester Kamen. It only got a German release and appeared in the film “Tender Chaos 2”

Includes the B-side “Are We Landing Now”, a strong Eco message from ’88, an alien visitors commentary on Earth. Soundtrack like in a Jarre style.”+Vinyl+-+1988.rar/file

Ariola – 609 775

ALife Is A Full Time Occupation6:56
B1Life Is A Full Time Occupation3:18
B2Are We Landing Now4:20

2 thoughts on “Thinkman – Life Is A Full Time Occupation (German 12″)”

  1. Sacre bleu! I just posted about the Rupert Hine solo [Pre-Thinkman] box that Esoteric Recordings [Cherry Red] are releasing in October, and I thought I’d check the feed to see what was new and I saw this! Obviously a trend today! I still don’t have any Thinkman singles. Obviously a moral failing of mine but they are never sold in America. Only Germany.

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