Yello – The Race (Euro 12″)

Remember the date – April 11th 1988.

I was already into the band but for many this was the track that hooked people in.

At just over 13 minutes long it was an epic , almost ZTT, 12″ mix. Shifting through the gears as it motors along. Their own version of “Autobahn” with the crazy horn riffs and shouting. Was it the guitar or the rapid vocals.

I still love the rare “Sporting Mix” (by Greg Wilson not on here so on the to do ist….but if you have any dying Yello requests)”

Fontana – 870 330-1

AThe Race13:22
BAnother Race (Magician’s Vers. For Tempest + Cottet)3:42

8 thoughts on “Yello – The Race (Euro 12″)”

  1. Well, I was vaguely aware of Yello due to “Oh Yeah” being in 1986s “Ferris Buellers Day Off” Great film and soundtrack…. Now, If you were into them before that I would be impressed.

      1. no worries, i grabbed the first Yello re-upp. thanks for that. Im sure you’ll stumble across the other one it sooner or later…

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