Book Of Love – Witchcraft + Re-ups (US Maxi 12″)

From July ’89 and quirky release from America’s Book Of Love. Something to do with the TV show “Sabrina, the Teen Witch” – a homage.

Edited by Roger Pauletta (brother-in-law of the famed late editor Chep Nuñez)

“Enchantra” is a bit of an acapella with some rich instruments. This is picked up on the next track which with all the edits is the standout track.

Also 8 re-ups below….fill your cauldrons !”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1989.rar/file

Sire – 0-21251
A1Witchcraft (Extended Mix)5:15
A2Witchcraft (7″ Mix)3:16
B1Witchcraft (Enchantra Chanting)6:23
B2Witchcraft (Dub)5:20
B3Witch’s Honor0:05

2 thoughts on “Book Of Love – Witchcraft + Re-ups (US Maxi 12″)”

  1. I enjoyed Book Of Love. Saw them twice in the Florida backwaters and always liked their “children’s music for adults” Synthpop sound. Good singers also helped.

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