Cut Copy – A Small Selection

Bizarrely I have a few early Promo CD’s by this band, I’ll have to dig them out but I’ll let Mike B share this Modern Aussie stuff.

Cut Copy where straight out of Melbourne and begun in 2001. The line-up is ; Dan Whitford: vocals, keyboards, guitar, Tim Hoey: guitar, sampler,
Ben Browning: bass guitar and Mitchell Scott: drums

So riding the Electro Clash wave extremely well we start with a trio of 2008 releases. Indie Dance in its purest form.

Lights & Music (CDS)

From February 2008 and the catchy “Lights & Music” , some 80’s vibes. Tim Goldsworthy (Unkle, Hercules And Love Affair, DFA)

Boys Noize (German producer Alexander Ridha) deconstructs and add his own chopped up to Disco groove.

The Superdiscount mix (Etienne De Crécy) goes deep disco with a more adventurous mix. Some alarms and deep chords as well as plenty of 8-Bit.

Modular Recordings – MODPR101

1Lights & Music (Radio Edit)3:38
2Lights & Music (Single Version)4:59
3Lights & Music (Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix)5:18
4Lights & Music (Superdiscount Remix)7:05

Hearts On Fire

From Sept 2008 and the Disco keeps on throbbing, a great groove but a little repetitive in the lyric department. I like the added guitars, a bit New Order-ish.

Calvin Harris goes a bit ravey on track 2. Electro House. Fellow Aussie’s Midnight Juggernauts give it their E.L.O. vibe, arpeggio and big Vangelis chords. Very analogue.

Holy Ghost! (US Duo Alex Frankel and Nicholas Millhiser) give it a lonnng funky House mix, I like the dubby piano and saxophone. Top Mix!

Modular Recordings – MODVL094

A1Hearts On Fire (Full Length)
A2Hearts On Fire (Calvin Harris Remix)
B1Hearts On Fire (Midnight Juggernauts)
B2Hearts On Fire (Holy Ghost! Remix)

In Ghost Colours (Deluxe CD)

Their second album which hones their sound, released in March 2008. It is very 80’s in places. With Goldsworthy producing a more dynamic “Live” feel to the sound. It’s all segued together. I like the short shoegaze of “We Fight For Diamonds” going into the Indie stomper, of “Unforgettable Season” and “So Haunted”

1Feel The Love4:28
2Out There On The Ice4:58
3Lights And Music4:37
4We Fight For Diamonds1:02
5Unforgettable Season3:13
6Midnight Runner2:32
7So Haunted4:27
8Voices In Quartz1:21
9Hearts On Fire4:53
10Far Away4:56
11Silver Thoughts0:29
12Strangers In The Wind4:44
14Nobody Lost, Nobody Found4:39
15Eternity One Night Only3:06
16Out There On The Ice (Instrumental)4:27
17Lights And Music (Instrumental)6:00
18So Haunted (Instrumental)5:52
19Far Away (Instrumental)5:31

2 thoughts on “Cut Copy – A Small Selection”

  1. A band that grabbed my attention, thought they weren’t too bad. In my opinion the albums following seem to decline in quality or style as on – In Ghost Colours.
    So Djjederedy if and when you have the time I’d like to see you post what you have by them – thanks.
    Once again and always I definitely appreciate your time and effort when you curate 💯👏👍.

  2. Couple of nice additions to my “Retro-Wave” folder. Thanks Mike and DJ Jed… I tend to have tunnel vision and focus mainly on 80s/early-90s groups/songs and I miss a lot of these gems. Glad yall’s vision is more 20/20 than mine.

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