Thinkman – The Formula (LP And 12″)

So this turns out to be producer’s Rupert Hine’s side project (Post Punk Monk will know more about it) and he does !

A list of classy guest musicians appear; Chris Thomson, (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band)  James West – Oram (The Fixx), Lisa Dalbello and Stewart Copeland and an important mention to the lyrics written by Jeannette Obstoj. Hine had cut his teeth in a band called Quantum Leap and here he adds the complex Prog arrangements into an album you have to sit down and listen to, just like the old days.

The classic 80’s dramatic vocals, plenty of tech, early sampling at the start of The Formula track. Well crafted songs that have stood the test of time. All a decent length as well.”

Island Records – 207 723

A1Best Adventures4:36
A2The Formula7:47
A4The Ecstasy Of Free Thought5:45
B1The Conflict4:23
B2The Challenge4:24
B3The Days Of A Champion4:40
B4There Shines Our Promised Land6:00

The Formula (Euro 12″)

The 12″ is certainly aimed at the dancefloor, samples and beats toughen up the groove. Catchy and complex and with a female backing vocals. The short version works really well, the anti-media message on top of that deep reggae groove (and then those classical synth strings kick in sending it to another level)

For collectors you may want to check out the clunky , bass led instrumental. Sudden silences and backward loops. Then the synth brass bounces in.”).rar/file

Island Records – 608 163

AThe Formula (Extrapolated Version)6:25
B1Excerpt From The Big Lie4:05
B2The Formula (Interpolated Version)4:06

2 thoughts on “Thinkman – The Formula (LP And 12″)”

  1. Wow, new to my doggy ears! A bit of a supergroup led by the great producer. Thanks for throwing this dog a bone!

  2. The interesting thing about Thinkman was the the other three members in the videos and sleeves were actors hired for the optics as Hine [who made all of the music, apart from the guests you cite] wanted to be seen as a band member for the project instead of his usual solo thing. Even though it really was just that.

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