Mylene Farmer – Part 2

So I have discovered that she is massive in her home country, literally 1000’s of comments and millions of views on Youtube and only until Sunday I’d not heard a single thing by her. But why use that surname ?

XXL (French 12″)

From September ’95 and the harder, almost rave mixes of this track Taken from the album “Anamorphosée.”

The B-side is quite synthpop and commercial.ène+Farmer+-+XXL+(French+12”)+(1995)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

L’Instant X (Dance Remixes) (French 12″)

From Dec ’95 and a much harder sound, there are guitars (from Jeff Dahlgren)and a more heavy, Industrial beat!

Bertrand Châtenet helps on the remixes, track 2 is a gem, leftfield and with her voice sitting over the noisy backing.

Ramon Zenker (Hardfloor) adds some punchy Tech House mixes on the B-side. Not my cup of tea. His other mix (Last track) adds some Big Beats as it turns into a more Street Hop track, far better.ène+Farmer+-+L’Instant+X+(Dance+Remixes)+(12”)+(1995)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

Polydor – 577 835 – 1

A1L’Instant X (Santa’s Hard Re-X-Mix)6:00
A2L’Instant X (Have A Instant X-Mix)7:05
B1L’Instant X (Ramon Zenker Club Dub Re-Mix)5:39
B2L’Instant X (Ramon Zenker Groove Trop Re-Mix)5:26

Mylene Farmer Et Seal – Les Mots (French 12″)

Being a bit of a Seal fan I didn’t know this duet existed ! From Nov 2001 and it’s a beauty. Very lush arrangement and her fragile voice works well with Seal’s powerful, yet delicate vocals.

The B-side mix is even more delicate, love the strings. Wow!

Another splendid Laurent Boutonnat production (Who I’d not heard of as well)

Polydor – 570 486 – 1

ALes Mots4:47
BLes Mots (Strings For Souls Mix)4:44

C’Est Une Belle Journée (Remixes) (LTD Edition French 12″)

From April 2002 and more remixes from Blue Planet Corporation and Starcity (Peter Hoff) Giving the track a Progressive House Groove on track 1 and a funky House feel on the B-side.ène+Farmer+-+C’Est+Une+Belle+Journée+(Remixes)+(12”)+(2002)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Polydor – 0403

AC’Est Une Belle Journée (Elegie’s Remix Club)7:10
BC’Est Une Belle Journée (Bed & Belle Remix)8:07

Pardonne-moi (LTD Edition 12″)

From the album “Les Mots” is this limited edition twelve. Street beats and lush orchestration on the usual studio version. Released Oct 2002

A Trance mix from Jaïa (Yannis Kamarinos and Jean Michel Blanchet) and Blue Planet Corporation (Gabriel Masurel) builds the track but it really needed to break out a bit earlier or be longer!ène+Farmer+-+Pardonne-moi+(Limited+Edition+12”)+(2002)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

APardonne-moi (Forgiveness Club Remix)6:30

Polydor – 570 933 – 1

10 thoughts on “Mylene Farmer – Part 2”

  1. Mylene Farmer (On the farm – Huh!) So I agree with Djjedredy. Who, never heard of, and I have seen the name around quite a bit though.

    This Mylene Farmer so is she similar to an Anne Clark with a soul mix, or an Anne Clark / Nina Hagen type mix.

    Wonder if there is a short EP with a few songs that sample her styles or types of music. Desireless in a way maybe?
    ‘ll have to dig into this chick some more……

  2. She has released a best of, named ‘Plus Grandir’ about a year ago, so that would be a good start if you aren’t familiar with her songs 🙂

  3. And she is absolutely famous for heir Videoclips from the 80ies, I remember, MTV was the clips only Playing after 11 p.m, and the Clips has a duration from about 10 Minutes and more ……

  4. Her surname is a reference to Frances Farmer. Actually, in French, “Farmer” doesn’t mean anything (and it’s pronounced as it spelled, not like in English) so it’s OK. I never thought her surname would be a problem 😉

  5. in France, she is the french Madonna, Queen of Pop, famous for her videos & tours + she with L.Boutonnat wrote/produced Alizée’s “moi Lolita” and two first albums.

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