Mylène Farmer – An Introduction (Part 1)

A bit of synthpop with a bit of Chanson. (All sung in French)

Alan had sent this over at Christmas time so I thought I’d better get on to it and do a series featuring this French singer. Never heard of her any of her stuff before so it was an interesting curation.

Mylène Jeanne Gautier, known by her stage name Mylène Farmer, is a French Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and author, born on 12 September 1961 in Montreal, Quebec.

Here is her wiki;

So a bit of a French Kate Bush it seems and hugely popular in France. This part includes her synthpop stuff.

Tristana (DJ Remix) (French 12″)

From Feb ’87 and in full synth mode, a bit Propaganda / PSB in arrangement from producer Laurent Boutonnat (the partner in this musical partnership) The promo vid as an actual mini art film. (with dwarves)

The B-side from ’86, “Au bout de la nuit” is a slower synth track, nice piano.ène+Farmer+-+Tristana+(DJ+Remix)+(12”)+(1987)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

Polydor – 885 572-1

L’Autre Face
ATristana (Remix Club)7:10
Cette Face
B1Tristana (Wolf Mix)4:30
B2Au Bout De La Nuit4:18

Sans Contrefaçon (Boy Remix) (French 12″)

With Thierry Rogen in the studio we get another shiny synthpop track on this very rare twelve from Oct ’87. (And another film for the promo)

Track 2 is sung in English and is a slower, quite depressive track. With a man’s voice sample “Don’t Cry” and plenty of Fairlight flute.

“Déshabillez-Moi” pipes up the sampled orchestra with Farmer asking to be undressed with some Bjork like screams.ène+Farmer+-+Sans+Contrefaçon+(Boy+Remix)+(12”)+(1987)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Polydor – 887 195-1
ASans Contrefaçon (Boy Remix)5:55
B1La Ronde Triste4:10

Pourvu Qu’elles Soient Douces (French 12″)

On to Sept ’88 and the 3rd single taken from the album “Ainsi Soit Je….” Street beats and scratching. The musical team was still together with Bertrand Le Page on edits. Another video / film that I could not share because of age restrictions.

Liking the synth and sampler arrangement, Boutonnat must of had some top notch kit at the time. A great song.ène+Farmer+-+Pourvu+Qu’elles+Soient+Douces+(12”)+(1988)+(ADG+Rip).zip/file

Polydor – 887 847-1

APourvu Qu’elles Soient Douces (Remix Club)6:30
B1Pourvu Qu’elles Soient Douces (Version Single)4:10

Désenchantée (Club Remix) (Euro 12″)

Jumping to March ’91 and her most successful track and given a some Eurodance beats and breaks.

The B-side is a much rawer mix and more clubby, a different bass and rolling beats. Still all done inhouse.ène+Farmer+-+Désenchantée+(Club+Remix)+(12”)+(1991)+(ADG+Rip).rar/file

Polydor – 879 925-1

ADésenchantée (Club Remix)8:10
BDésenchantée (Chaos Mix)6:50

2 thoughts on “Mylène Farmer – An Introduction (Part 1)”

  1. I first heard of her when she popped up on a Razormaid issue. Latest thing out is this Mylène Farmer feat. LP – N’oublie pas.
    LP being Laura Pergolizzi, noted singer and songwriter.

  2. Sweet Share, I got a few of her other songs/different mixes good in bitrate I will send ya to sample. She put quite a few songs I liked… but I didn’t have a few of what you just posted, so tickled to hear them. Will try to send over later tonight, wife got me sweating to the oldies on a few jobs right now.

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