Various – Mixx-it 1-1 Feat. 911, Kraftwerk (US Promo 12″)

Mixx It was a now defunct Bay Area based DJ remix service started by Cameron Paul in the mid-80’s. These mixes all done by Paul.

“In The Mix” is over a quarter of an hour, a megamix of guess the tracks. More Hip Hop / Freestyle based. All the hits get a look in, if a little too brief. Prince, Timex Social Club, Janet Jackson et al

911 (not much stuff on here by them!) get an electro / freestyle remix. They were in fact the lessen known trio of Garfield Baker, Larry Smith and Tony Butler (all previously in Freestyle) A rare little gem from ’86 given a lift with the speaking clock and added chimes. (4)

Kraftwerk’s “Electric Café” gets freestyled up, The tempo slightly tweaked and a bit of electro beats added. I bet they were furious as it’s better than the official mixes! (4)

Those beats return on the short final track, officially called Cameron Beats!”+Vinyl+Promo+Mixes+-+1987.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Mixx-it – CP 1-1

AVariousIn The Mix ’8616:10
B1911Twenty-Four/ Seven8:31
B2KraftwerkElectric Cafe4:36
B3Cameron PaulElectric Beats1:30

One thought on “Various – Mixx-it 1-1 Feat. 911, Kraftwerk (US Promo 12″)”

  1. I actually managed to get one of these used shortly after issue. Have I ever spun it? Doubtful I was waiting until the time I made the now unlikely Kraftwerk rarities CD project!

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