SPK – Breathless + Re-ups (Euro 12″)

From April ’88 and some synthpop from SPK. Weirdly I got into them through “Metal Dance” and did not know about their extreme Industrial sound pre ’83.

With an opening sample from the film “The Beast With Five Fingers” it is pure Balearic synthpop, brash synth horns and those distinct off kilter vocals from Karina Hayes and sister Sinan Hayes.

The B-side must get a mention, Karina rapping over some Hip Hop beats, very interesting and boarding on cheese!



Animalized – 50-7244

ABreathless (Radio Mix)4:50
B1Breathless (Extended Remix)7:40
B2Wired For Sound4:49

12 thoughts on “SPK – Breathless + Re-ups (Euro 12″)”

  1. Thanks for the re-ups and these rare gems.
    BTW, is it me or maybe I’m getting too old but I think that the Flesh and Steel 12″ songs sounds very muffled !? Hugo.

    1. Yes, you’re right, probebly it was ripped with Dolby C On.
      Excellent single though, a rew version would be nice. Thanks Djjedredy

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been looking all over the net for those SPK 12″ Inch singels
    unfortunatly, they sound so much over-processed, especially the Flesh & Steel and Machine Age Voodoo,
    can you please, please re-up better quality copies? Thanks and Cheers, Chris.

      1. h boy, thank you for you kind reply Djjdredy.

        Mike B. would you please, please be kind to help me out and re-up those rare SPK Singles in better quality?
        Flac would be great but I’ll settle for 320. much appreciated.

    1. Chris,
      So fully cooked is not your style – Huh!?

      Ok, I will find the SPK – US 12” promo of Machine Age Voodoo, US 12” of Flesh and Steel, and what else?

      I have more stuff sitting on the floor to digitize including another one (SPK) not on here yet! Regardless I’ll send all then Djjedredy can sort.

      Metal Dance is Djjedredy’s but I now have recently picked up so I will do that one and send some FLAC’s over along with MP3’s of all this so you can or others have their picks.

      Hope this helps – Mike

      1. Mike B. apologizes for being so picky I have a sensitive hearing for details.

        Just the 2 singles MAV and Flesh & Steel. I used to own the Metal Dance 12″ so I have it in FLAC.
        Thank you very much for your kindness and help,
        I highly appreciate it.

    2. Chris,
      Still looking – This was ages ago (2015 I think) I digitized these and thought they were in the S section (Nope) so up went up to storage, still not found. I do not lend my vinyl’s to anyone. I’ll find them.. hang tight!!

      For added security I found a seller (Discogs) and purchased the main 2 ones I’m looking for, for you/myself (Again – Near Mint condition better than mine). This seller is going through over 80,000 vinyl’s. he’s having the same trouble trying to find them. Generic Elektra covers (Damn Generics!)

      Either way I’ll get them done and sent back here. be patient- Thanks !!

      1. Mike B. I Highly appreciate that all these efforts for my stupid request you’re fine gentlemen.
        I hope I can do the same for you guys with some music I have, mainly all sorts of ’80s ’90s Electronic music.
        Thanks again Djjedredy and Mike B.
        Cheers Chris

    3. Chris and ? – I have finally got around to re-doing the SPK 12”s (5) + another Djjedredy will post when he can. All include MP3, FLAC, and Artwork. I’ve put each in their designated post page. Yes I had to re-buy those Promo’s so I re-did everything including Metal Dance 12” in FLAC.
      All new for Aug 2022
      Enjoy & No Problem!

    1. Very nice indeed Mike, Thank you, even though Spk is not my favorite cup of tea, I will still enjoy them (while waiting patiently for the X-Mal Deutschland 😉 since they are original 12″s in FLAC. Thanks again.

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