Luxuria – Public Highway / Luxuria (12″)

I love a bit of quirky Art Rock and this twelve from ’88 from Devoto and Noko contains 3 quality tacks.

“Public Highway” is a typical Luxuria track, starting in an outdoor environment and we have dueling guitars and synths under Howard’s unique vocals. Simply there is not enough by them on this blog!

The skiffle beat and rockabilly overtones of “Sickly Thug & I” – exotic and storytelling. The arrangement is dense and the quality on this track is outstanding

“Luxuria” is remixed to give it a suitable epic nature, plenty of synths and samplers and brass (and opera) Guitars kick in later making it an interesting journey.

Beggars Banquet – BEG 211 T

A1Public Highway (Short Cut)3:54
A2Sickly Thug & I3:43
AALuxuria (The Wilderness Mix)6:36

2 thoughts on “Luxuria – Public Highway / Luxuria (12″)”

  1. I remember the excitement when Luxuria burst onto the scene after six years in the wilderness for Howard Devoto. I managed to find this 12″ in the used bin not more than a year after issue. Rare, for over in The States. I digitized this as part of my 2xCD rarities collection, “Devoto Companion.” A compilation of everything not on a Devoto album that was not already on CD elsewhere.

  2. I do recall seeing this band around in vinyl stores and may have seen them on some comps thought they were on the 4AD label but on Beggars Banquet – Ahh Ok! I’ll have to check this out, thanks!!

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