Blue Zone – Thinking About His Baby (12″)

January ’88 and the Soul / Funk from the trio of Andy Morris, Ian Devaney and a certain Lisa Stansfield.

They did an album and a handful of singles. They then concentrated on Stansfield’s solo output but with the same backroom staff. Produced by Paul Staveley O’Duffy ( remixed by Ron Saint Germain)  who gives it that spotless sheen.

The jazzy brass makes it stand out a little more. Very , very smooth and the A-side is very Motown influenced.

Decent B-side, produced by the band, finishes off what is essentially a Lisa Stansfield release.”+Vinyl+-+1988.rar/file

Arista – RHT 115

AThinking About His Baby (Extended)6:58
BBig Thing (Extended)6:41

One thought on “Blue Zone – Thinking About His Baby (12″)”

  1. Big Thing was the thing on this release at the time for most soul fans- certainly got more play in clubs and on specialist shows than the A side. It’s terrific

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