Tunes From Oz And Beyond Part 41 – (1986 / 1987) (Models x 2, FX, Machinations, I’m Talking, Lime Spiders, Party Boys, Mental As Anything, Mondo Rock)

Onwards into a more electronic selection.

Models – The Evolution Of Albert Einstein (Extended Remix) (Aussie 12″)

From ’86 and remixed by Julian Mendelsohn. A mid tempo feel to it, honky tonk piano and a Primal Scream feel about it (Screamadelic) or Love And Rockets. Looped riffs and dubs and plenty of horns. From the LP “Models’ Media”

“Hell To Breakfast” takes it times. Mechanical rhythms and airport announcements as this instrumental builds. Guitar wail and synth shimmer but only add to the dystopian soundscape.

The bonus track is a live cut from recorded live at The Ritz, New York. A Doors cover. Swing beat and jazz (I wasn’t expecting that) Piano and sax duel and then it kicks in. Rock out as he does Jim Morrison impression.”

Mushroom – X-14334

AThe Evolution Of Albert Einstein (Extended Remix)8:07
B1Hell To Breakfast6:07
B2Been Down So Long

FX – Personal (German Vinyl LP)

A one album band. The Melbourne quartet of Bass Guitar – Wayne Jones, Drums – Chris Tabone, (who went to be in the Badloves) Guitar – Michael Harrison and Vocals – Peter Ottewel. They had some additional help from ; Keyboards – John McCubbery, Percussion – Alex Pertout and Saxophone – Bill Harrower

The synth do shimmer and take a bit of lead on most tracks. It’s good honest melodic rock with a great lead vocal. In the style of Cock Robin but with more keyboards.

I like the synth bed of “Only You” the Gothy “Wouldn’t Believe” and the Duran Duran New Wave of “Hide Myself Away” – so quite a variety of styles. “Neighbours” is as cheesy as the Soap but still in New Wave mode.”+Vinyl+LP+Album+-+1986.rar/file

RCA – PL88059

A2Will It Always Be (This Way)5:21
A3It’s Over4:01
A4Getting Better3:33
A5Only You3:53
B1I Hate The Night4:08
B2Wouldn’t Believe5:10
B3Hide Myself Away3:34
B5Children Of The City4:29

Machinations – No Say In It / 5 Minutes Black (US Promo 12″)

From ’86 and Funky New Wave on this rare release. Julian Mendelsohn involved again. A catchy bassline and a long mix that does get a bit repetitive towards the end.

“5 Minutes Black” uses a similar bassline, another track from ’85’s LP “Big Music” – good use of synths.

Epic – EAS 2348

ANo Say In It8:28
B5 Minutes Black3:29

Machinations – The Big Beat (Aussie Mini LP)

Another contribution from Stu and a digital remaster of this mini-LP (I think he does them himself….must have the patience and time! Thanks!)

Mike B did a rip of this great little compilation way back when we in the UK could use Zippyshare (March 2017) so consider this a re-up from another source. Thanks you both!

From May ’86 and features 7 mixes of previous tracks aimed at the dancefloor hence the title.

All tracks are nicely messed about by  Julian Mendelsohn, Russell Dunlop and Bruce Brown.

White Label Records – L 20051
A1One Closer Step
A2No Say In It
A3Execution Of Love
A4Pressure Sway
B1My Hearts On Fire
B2Jumping The Gap
B3You Got Me Going Again

I’m Talking – Do You Wanna Be (Canadian 12″)

Be-Bop don’t Stop ! Only a little late to the party. From ’86 and some Oz Freestyle. Produced by Martyn Webster (ABC , Anne Clarke)

Kate Ceberano lends her vocals

Shame the instrumental is just that ! A bit generic even though the sax made me smile. “Let The Music Play….” Go for the Big beats of the “Dance Mix” Love it!! But SAW got their mits on it but not this version.’m+Talking+-+Do+You+Wanna+Be+-+Canadian+12”+Vinyl+Mixes+-+1986.rar/file

London Records – LDSX 236

ADo You Wanna Be (Dance Mix)5:50
B1Do You Wanna Be (Instrumental)4:10
B2Do You Wanna Be (7″ Version)4:10

Lime Spiders – Jessica (Aussie 12″)

From October ’87.

Sounds like early 90’s Brit Pop, Psyche Rock from Sydney’s The Lime Spiders led by Mick Blood on vocals and guitar. Tony Bambach on bass guitar, Gerard Corben on rhythm guitar and Richard Lawson on drums..

Two live tracks (An Oz staple) Remember we are in ’87.

Alice Cooper’s “Long Way To Go” gets a growling Garage version as so does The Who “Sparks” after all the guitar riffage.”+Vinyl+-+1987+(2).zip/file

Virgin – VOZT 023

B2Long Way To Go

Party Boys – He’s Gonna Step On You Again (Aussie Promo 12″)

So the Happy Mondays can Fuck right Off! The original via South Africa and John Kongos from ’71 was covered by Party Boys in 87 with Robert Racic (Severed Heads) on the beats and edits. It’s better… IN THE BOX.

“Small Talk” – a prime example of Oz Pub Rock!’s+Gonna+Step+On+You+Again+(Stompmix)+-+Aussie+12”+Vinyl+-+1987.rar/file

CBS – 650906 6
AHe’s Gonna Step On You Again (Stompmix)
BSmall Talk

Mental As Anything – Don’t Tell Me Now (Netherlands 12″)

Are these the Oz Madness ? From ’87 and produced by Richard Gottehrer. It suffers from the synth horns but it’s a great singalong track. A bit Chris Rea from the same time. The 12″ mix is very different but overlong.

“I’m Glad” is a slice of electro Rock N Roll. Tongue in cheek as you’d expect!’t+Tell+Me+Now+-+Netherlands+12”

Epic – EPC 651122 6

ADon’t Tell Me Now (Extended Mix)6:46
B1Don’t Tell Me Now3:58
B2I’m Glad (Unexpected Version)3:18

Mondo Rock – Aliens (EP Aussie 12″)

From ’87 and a bit of electro Blues (think ZZ Top)

Mmmmm…. not to sure. It’s updated and produced with Chris Corr and mixed by Mark Opitz.

It is pretty corny. Fun, some may say!

Like the cover version of “I’m Free”…they’ll be asking !”+Vinyl+EP+-+1987.rar/file

Polydor – 887 230-1
A1A Woman Like You
A2Aliens Walk Among Us
B1I’m Free
B2Primitive Love Rites (L.A. Rhythm Mix)
B3Working My Way Back

Models – Hold On (Aussie 7″)

Finishing off with Models and one of their last tracks before the hiatus.

Brilliant track, rock /synth and not too overproduced.

Two solid tracks. Side B is so much like a mini 12″ mix. Yeah, try searching for it! Treated guitars and synth bass.”+Single+-+1987.rar/file

Mushroom – K220

AHold On4:22
BSome Kind Of Anger3:42

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