Desireless – Qui Sommes Nous + Re-ups (Euro 12″)

So not just about “Voyage Voyage” (re-upped below) You can’t beat a nice slice of Euro Synth for a Sunday.

The remix is the one to go for, building up with the distinct bassline.

From the sleeve. (Any ideas ?)

Dedicated to Bernard Schu.
Taken from the album “François”.
Dedicated to Swami Ritajananda”

CBS – CBS 655269 6

AQui Sommes-Nous (Europe Remix)6:35
B1Qui Sommes-Nous (Version Single)4:29
B2Qui Sommes-Nous (Version Instrumentale)4:24

One thought on “Desireless – Qui Sommes Nous + Re-ups (Euro 12″)”

  1. What, no love for this band, this is bad to the bone…. Thank you, and a mix of Voyage I didn’t have… Awesome… but wait, there is more, songs I hadn’t heard, and they rock too… Thank you, I hate making 3 posts in a row, but this has been an exceptional week with your uploads… Some freaking great shares here.

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