Fashiøn – You In The Night (12″)

Zeus B Held is the producer on this 1984 release. Now Rock with a bit of synth.

Plenty of sampled choral voices forming the backbone of this slow track. “Moments In Love” by AON in style, particularly on the instrumental. For a sexy time in the bedroom! All about that acoustic guitar.

The B-side is the instrumental ballad from the album “Hurricane (The Eye Of)” atmospheric with plenty of guitar. It meanders, broodily along with in a mediocre manner.



De Stijl – TA 4502

AYou In The Night (Extended Version)5:16
B1You In The Night (Instrumental)4:01
B2Hurricane (The Eye Of)4:41

One thought on “Fashiøn – You In The Night (12″)”

  1. I am all about the Fashiøn! I became a fan on the early phase of the band and am currently transcribing an interview with Luke “Skyscraper” James. I am gaga about the Dee Harris era on “Fabrique.” And I bought the SDLX ultrabox that came out a year or so ago in spite of the $120 cost. And I have “Twilight Of Idols” and a 12″ of “Eye Talk.” I have had the latter two records for about 30 years. But I have never played them. Alan Darby just looks too close to a “Rod Stewart Type” for my comfort. So I see this and my Fashiøn obsession means that I would buy this if I came across this. But would I ever get the nerve to play it? You can’t unhear something.

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