Billy Idol – Don’t Need A Gun (The Beyond Melt Down Mix) (12″)

Did all those Billy Idol tracks blur into one back in the mid 80’s ???

I sort of remember it but don’t. It has all the usual ingredients, powerful production from Keith Forsey and a very loooong mix from those 2 again, Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero. So it’s involving , you get a mix of Rock and Electronics with Steve Stevens giving his trademark guitar licks. For once the Dub has no vocals!

“Fatal Charm” is a remix by Gary Langan and his Fairlight reinventing the bottom end but it still rocks better than the A-side. Muscular licks.’t+Need+A+Gun+(Beyond+Melt+Down+Mix)+-+German+12”

Chrysalis – IDOLR 9

ADon’t Need A Gun (The Beyond Melt Down Mix)9:11
B1Don’t Need A Gun (Dub Version)5:16
B2Fatal Charm3:41

4 thoughts on “Billy Idol – Don’t Need A Gun (The Beyond Melt Down Mix) (12″)”

  1. Bought the “Meltdown Mix” 12” back when it was released, one of my favourite Billy Idol tracks, the Beyond the Meltdown Mix is 3 minutes longer, and was eventually available on the Blank & Jones Billy Idol 12” Collection CD from a few years back, love it!

  2. Just a fun fact, Billy has gotten into parking violations here in NYC. And not in the way you think:

    Yes, this is very real and the billboards are everywhere. A good illustration of how well known and popular Billy still is here in NYC.

  3. I got Billy’s new Cage EP today. Ever wondered what Billy would have sounded like in mid-90’s Maiden? “Running With The Ghost” might answer that. Ever wondered what a Duran-style dance track (yep) with a Billy-style rap might sound like?
    “Miss Nobody” might answer that. The other two tracks are standard Billy rockers and not bad either.

    It’s f$cking fantastic stuff!

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