Theme For Next Week – Know The Band, Don’t Know The Song

So it was the anniversary of my Mum’s Death today. I’ve been a little bit numb and so flung myself into postings today as a way of distraction.

Both up in heaven now… (Look after your folks while you still have them)

9 thoughts on “Theme For Next Week – Know The Band, Don’t Know The Song”

  1. What a fantastically happy photo. Beautiful. Im always touched by this kind of thing, personal joy, pure and documented.

    My Mum died Jan 2018 and there isnt a day she doesnt make me smile.

    Thanks so much for takin time to work through your grief and your distraction, and just being a good soul to others. Cheers.


  2. BTW. At this time……………Is there anything we can do, your audience ? Is there anything we can do to plonk a huge great, oh I wasnt expecting that, type grin on your face ?

    Something a stranger might see on your face while walkin down a side street in your local area and suspiciously think, why is he so bloody happy ?

    You give so much, and im extremely grateful, im just not very good at takin’ and not sayin ta.

  3. Awesome pic there mate! Unfortunate things that at times are out of ones hands. Hard to move on and memories often recoil with special moments.

  4. From personal experience, the first year is the hardest….

    Makes a change from the usual theme of “Dont Know The Band or The Song”

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