Zee – Cönfüsiön + Re-up (Extended Mix) (12″)

The Umlauts give it away as a Dave Harris / Fàshiön project with Pink Floyd’s Richard Wright.

From 1984 and the 12″ version (I’ve re-upped the 7″ below) More beats and slow build up, it could be a Fashion track having that element of electronic funk with some Rock elements. The extended version lets the track breath a bit more bringing in plenty of dub elements that appear on the “Dub” mix of the much quicker B-side.

I know Post Punk Monk is an extremely interested Fashion follower, running an interesting series of posts on his blog about some of their re-issues over on his blog.



Harvest – 12 HAR 5227

ACönfüsiön (Extended Mix)6:18
BEyës Of A Gÿpsy (Dub)4:10

3 thoughts on “Zee – Cönfüsiön + Re-up (Extended Mix) (12″)”

  1. I’ve had the Zee project in my sights for years, but a few years ago Dave Harris produced a great new DLX RM CD of the whole shebang on the silver disc.
    Which I still need to buy while I can! [https://www.musicglue.com/zee-1/] I just got my mind blown last week when I was interviewing Luke [Skyscraper] James and he revealed that he and Dave Harris had become friends over the years!

  2. I know naff all about [Fashion or] Zee but a sufficient review to capture my attention wouldve been ‘electronic funk with some Rock elements’…..

    Now, where do I sign up ? ;] ;] ;]

    Many thanks sir.

  3. As a Pink Floyd fan I must say thank you. I never gave Zee a listen. I had no idea they did the 12 inch single thing.

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