Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 39 – (1981 – 84) (Matt Finish, Dance Exponents, Beargarden, Tim Finn, Mondo Rock, Models, The Duggites)

So much for chronological order!! Yep, I missed a few so need to do a bit of a re-route..

Matt Finish – Short Note (2010 CD RE-issue)

A remastered reissue of their debut album originally from January 1981. The Sydney quartet are actally still going having formed in mid -79. Moffitt died “in his sleep, apparently from a stroke”; his funeral was held on 20 August 2003.

  • Guitar, Backing Vocals  – Jeff Clayton
  • Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar – Matt Moffitt
  • Bass Guitar – Rick Grossman
  • Drums – John Prior
  • Piano (track 8) – Don Walker (Cold Chisel)

Classified as Pub Rock (I wonder how Mike B feels about this term, in the UK it has the meaning, second rate. “You’re just a pub band!”)

Simple arrangements, some interesting chords, it is regarded as an Oz classic. No filler but no grab you by the throat tracks.

Giant Recording Company – 88985368122

1Look At Me
2Hanging On
3Short Note
4Layman’s Day
6Hot Cover
7Mancini Shuffle
8Younger Days
10You Get So

Dance Exponents – Prayers Be Answered (Aussie CD Re-issue)

Kicking off with a New Zealand. Power Pop band from December ’83. Beatles Harmonies and a bit of 60’s influence. Produced by Dave Marett

The bands line-up was; Vocals – Jordan Luck, Bass – David Gent, Drums – Mike Harralambi,(Grey Parade) Guitar – Brian Jones. Additional musicians; Saxophone – Andrew Couston (DD Smash), Peter Van Der Fluit (keyboards), Andrew McLennan (keyboards) and Stuart Pearce (keyboards and manager)

Track 7 could be The Buzzcocks, “Envy The Grave” going into a glam ballad and then there is the brilliant , “Victoria”, and the New Wave of “Poland.” Altogether a great debut LP.

Mushroom – D19589

1All I Can Do
2Know Your Own Heart
3Shattered Ornaments
5Your Best Friend Loves Me Too
6I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)
7Checking To See That Your Kiss Is The Same
8Just Me And You
9Envy The Grave
10Swimming To The Table Of An Unknown Girl
11Gone Forever In Another Car

Beargarden – The Finer Things (Aussie 12″)

Beargarden was a new wave band from Melbourne, Australia. This was their debut release and features a French sung version of the main track ?? Very cultured, how European !

They evolved directly from the post-punk group ‘The Ears’ which disbanded in 1981 and reformed under the new name with Ross Farnell replacing Cathy McQuade on bass. The other members were Sam Sejavka ( vocals) Mick Lewis (guitar), Carl Manuell (drums) and Gus Till (keyboards). Lewis was replaced later that year by Shane Andalou

Typical New Wave, (so there were synths) and it reminded me of Prefab Sprout. Produced by Ross Cockle (and a Fairlight) it has fretless bass the 12″ goes into a bit of French

“Saint Vitus” has a great funk feel to it, drums and drum machines and the fretless bass. As a good as the B-side.”+Vinyl+-+1984.rar/file

Virgin – VOZ 001-12

AThe Finer Things (Extended Mix)5:26
B1Saint Vitus5:00
B2Les Choses Plus Fines3:36

Mondo Rock – Good Advice (Aussie 12″)

From December 1984 and on new label Polydor. Melbourne’s Mondo Rock give us some electro rock.

As I quality control everything (apart from the quality of the music 😃) There is a slight problem on the 7″ version, Mike B got a dirty needle and it fell out of the groove for an interesting effect……myvinyldreams forever!!!

The full 12″ version gives the song an extended bass and synth work out, Do love the harmonies on this.

“Dark Secrets” is a laidback, jazzy groove. Still plenty of electronics and quite dark compared to the A-side. Good vocals and guitar solo.

It appeared only on the 1985 hits collection, “Up To The Moment”,”

Polydor – 881 581-1

A1Good Advice (Extended Version)
B1Good Advice
B2Dark Secrets

Tim Finn – In A Minor Key (Netherlands 12″)

A four tracker (2 being live!) Finn had adopted synths and this is a mid-paced ballad. “Minor Key” is written in D Minor so quite sad.

“Not For Nothing” is another mid-paced track with a synth backing. American country legend Vince Gill plays mandolin on this.

The 2 live tracks feature both A and B side of his single “Fraction Too Much Friction”

All tracks from his debut LP, “Escapade” from ’83.”

Epic – EPCA 12.4344

A1In A Minor Key3:56
A2Not For Nothing3:25
B1Fraction Too Much Friction (Live)5:06
B2Below The Belt (Live)5:40

Models  – God Bless America (Aussie 12″)

Nick Launey produced and remixed this very industrial sounding single from ’84. Funky bass but some abrasive noises and synths. A great track and a great 12″ because it sounds very different from anything around at the time. There are even some samples.

“Watch Your Mouth” is a bit of an odd one. A bit Madness, a bit “Tainted Love”, wonky and unusual with those treated horns. Both from the LP, “The Pleasure Of Your Company…””+Vinyl+-+1984.rar/file

Mushroom – X 13150

AGod Bless America (Extended Version)6:05
BWatch Your Mouth3:29

The Dugites – Cut The Talking (Aussie Vinyl)

The last LP from Perth’s The Dugites and very electronic it is too.

Getting into almost Madonna territory this was released in April 1984.

A cast of thousands for the LP ; Backing Vocals – Boris Falovic and Gary Taylor (Stealers Wheel) , Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Stick, Synth Bass – Paul Noonan, Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals, Drum Programming – Clarence Bailey, Piano, Synths, Fairlight, Synth Bass, Backing Vocals – Peter Crosbie and Vocals, Percussion – Lynda Nutter. Additional saxophone – Mel Collins, Guitar – John Crosbie, Percussion – Luis Jardim, Trumpets – Luke Tunney, John Thirkell and Raul D’Oliveira, Trombone – Pete Thoms, Vibraphone – Carey Taylor (who also produced it) and Marimbas – Chris Turpin.

Rumour Brass – (Dick Hanson – Trumpet, Trombone – Chris Gower, Saxophone – Ray Beavis and Saxophone – John Earle) and Bob Andrews (Graham Parker And The Rumour) – Piano and synth. These were drafted in for track 5, “Juno and Me” and a hit single from the LP.”+Vinyl+LP+Album+-+1984.rar/file

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Mercury – 814 691-1

Cut The Talking
All That I Want
Like You Do
Michael And Rodney
Juno & Me
Taken By Surprise
Is This What You Need?
Everything Must Change
Taking Your Time
It Ain’t Like That

2 thoughts on “Tunes From Oz and Beyond – Part 39 – (1981 – 84) (Matt Finish, Dance Exponents, Beargarden, Tim Finn, Mondo Rock, Models, The Duggites)”

  1. As an added bonus, if you dig up your Red / Green 3D glasses, you can enjoy Models’ God Bless America as it was originally intended. A couple of bits work really well. Bless their hearts – they knew how to have a good time. Still do. Still playing live. Still kicking ass.

  2. Pub rock inside pubs or in outdoor festivals. Remember seeing The Angels & Kids In The Kitchen. Pub Rock either good or never understood or ? Often seen near or around Moomba in Melbourne (Still Going Strong)
    and a note – Do-Re-Mi (The Band – Thanks Stephen S. bringing them to my attention on Djjedredy’s blog – I was In America 1984) released a single “King of Moomba” in 1987 in reference to the crowning element of the festival.
    Between these events & numerous 3XY Radio Station, Triple R FM, and Fox FM Gigs (Myer Music Concert Events-Good Aussie Lineups) and more is mainly where I had seen most of the live events. Had to ride my bike down to BP gas station to grab my limited ticket if there were any left, otherwise no entry or I’ll just sneak up on the grass.

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