Midge Ure – That Certain Smile (12″)

Back to the 85’s (November) and the ever building “That Certain Smile” – has there ever been more chiming DX-7 on a record ? The second single from “The Gift” Some good guest musicians, Lindsay Elliott (drums and Steve Harley and The Cockney Rebel) Nigel Ross- Scott ( bass and Re-Flex) and the The Soultanas on backing vocals.

A rehearsal recording of “Fade To Grey” , that was also played on the Gift tour.` and has Mick Ronson on guitar which gives it a bit of a Big Country feel to it. Shame about that awful drum sound and some tiny synth noises.

The instrumental of “The Gift” seems even more like a OMD track with the cut-up voice samples, metal beating and just an odd arrangement.



Chrysalis – 602 125

AThat Certain Smile
B1The Gift (Instrumental)
B2Fade To Grey

4 thoughts on “Midge Ure – That Certain Smile (12″)”

  1. Thanks, there is an interesting “That Certain Smile (Extended Mix)” – first time released 25 years later on the 2010 re-issue of “The Gift” – no idea why this wasn’t on the 1985 12” because it is at least as good as the former “If I Was” extended.

    1. One of the defining features of the 12″ single of “That Certain Smile” was that there was no extended 12″ remix; an almost unthinkable notion in 1985! That did not mean that they didn’t try. There is a 6:30 extended mix on the DLX RM of “The Gift” on CD; the only place where it can be heard. For a reason! It sounds like a rough mix that might have been abandoned since anyone could see that it was not meant to be. The EQ darts all over the place here and what little integrity the song had was eviscerated in the attempt. I did like the extended coda though! They had something going there.

  2. Ooof. Another sappy Midge Ure solo single didn’t have me runnning to get the album just yet! That this dyed-in-the-wool Midge Ure/Ultravox fan would eventually wait half a year to gingerly approach “The Gift” was a huge fail to these ears! “Cross your heart and hope to die it’s love” was the worst lyric ever to open a song by an artost I liked. The instrumental middle eight only began to approach some level of dignity once the song weas half over!

    I liked the “Fade To Grey” rehersal version with Midge and Ronson on different channels, weaving guitars, Stones style. The Morricone vibe they brought to the song more than compensated for the drums + synths, which you rightly call out. Plus we finally had Midge singing the song, which was nothing bad!! And good call on the OMD-factor of “The Gift” in its instrumental form. It could have been a leftover track from “Architecture + Morality,” or “Dazzle Ships” and was still evocative shorn of Ure’s earnest vocal.

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