Headswim – Soup (Promo 12″)

These have quite an active Facebook page (I got enrolled) and here they are debuting on the blog.

Thrashy , hardcore from Essex, UK. They were originally called Blinder and produced more Prog Rock. The line-up was Dan Glendining (guitar/vocals), his brother Tom Glendining (drums), Nick Watts (keyboards/backing vocals) and Matt Pegg (bass guitar and Jethro Tull and Procol Harem)

All written and produced by the band, the electronics kick in on track 2 – remixed by the keyboard player. It is a nice slice of electro grunge for fans of Pitchshifter.

The last track again shows their inventiveness, blending electronic sounds but keeping a slight rock edge, nice and trippy with even a bit of Rave!

Worth checking out !



Epic – XPR 2107

B1Down (Yer Throat Remix)4:57
B2The Fear5:07

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