Bananarama – Shy Boy (12″)

From June ’82 and known for that lovely synth bassline. This was one of a string of hits written and produced by Steve Jolley & Tony Swain (they also produced Imagination which also had that signature bass sound)

“Don’t Call Us” is barely extended, starting if Fun Boy Three are about to join in ! Like the A side there is a mix of drum machine and live percussion, great harmonies as you’d expect.

London Records – NANX 2

AShy Boy (Extended Version)5:53
BDon’t Call Us… (Extended Version)4:20

2 thoughts on “Bananarama – Shy Boy (12″)”

  1. What a classic Bananarama single. I only have the Canadian 12″ which is a hodgepodge of mixes from three different singles. I find it intriguing that the video was directed by Midge Ure. He parlayed his pop stardom [and input into the seminal “Vienna” clip] into a brief side line of directing music videos in the ’82/’83 window after “Vienna” grabbed eyeballs the world round.

  2. ““Don’t Call Us” is barely extended”….. well, its a whole minute longer. how much more did you want? grumble grumble. there is no pleasing some people.

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