U2 – A Celebration (7″)

A non-album single released by U2 released between the “October” and “War” albums in 1982. A pretty decent track with a “Live” sound the band didn’t like the track – so difficult to get hold of.

You can chant along to it, nice and raw, I do like early U2.

The B-side “Party Girl” was a live favourite, the Ocarina makes an appearance (probably after making an appearance on DD’s “The Chauffeur”) Not sure about Bono’s vocals, pissed ? Lillywhite adds some ambient electronics to the arrangement, shame it fades out too soon.



Island Records – WIP 6770

AA Celebration2:57
BTrash, Trampoline And The Party Girl2:32

4 thoughts on “U2 – A Celebration (7″)”

  1. I won’t profess to being a mega-fan of U2, but I thought I knew all their releases. Maybe it was because it was early high school, maybe it was being in a backwater town in Australia, but this is the first time I’ve heard of A Celebration. Thanks again for the obscure!

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