Altered Images – Pinky Blue (3-Track Dance Mix) + Re-up (12″)

Has featured on here but not as it’s own twelve with an immaculate Rip by Mike B, I cannot believe it’s not a digital remaster !!! (I do have a copy myself but Mike B’s Rip is of far superior quality than mine I did about 10 years ago!)

Martin Rushent in one of finest moments remixes this from May ’82. Was if tape manipulation or a computer ? Clare’s vocals are pared back whilst Rushent manipulates the track with drop outs and

The B-side is just as good with Organ and synth fighting out in a dub style with the lyrics used again sparingly.

Link below for the re-upped 12″ LP”+Vinyl+-+1982.rar/file

Epic – EPC A 13-2426

APinky Blue (Dance Mix)4:57
BJump Jump / Think That It Might (Segued Dance Mix)6:02

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