Mary Jane Girls / Rick James – In My House / Superfreak / Candyman (US Bootleg 12″)

A reissue from ’98 of some tracks which was re-issued again in ’85 but one was originally released in ’81, very convoluted!

Here is some interesting info from Discogs.

The Mary Jane Girls were brought together by Rick James in 1979, hired as back-up singers for his tour. It is believed that with the formation of rival Prince’s sexy new girl group Vanity 6 in 1982, James wished to compete with his own sexy quartet.

He got a deal for the girls on Motown and gave them their group name, which was based on his funk hit Mary Jane (an obvious reference to his beloved marijuana). He also conceived sexy stage names for the members: JoJo, Candi, Maxi and Cheri.

So a vehicle for James who wanted so desperately to be bigger than Prince.

Smooth as **** , this is a great bit of funk disco. Old James gets his “Superfreak”, which was the ’81 track, added as a bonus. MC Hammer busy taking notes!

Classic Wax – Classic Wax 12001

A1Mary Jane GirlsIn My House (Vocal)5:01
A2Mary Jane GirlsIn My House (Instrumental)7:17
B1Rick JamesSuperfreak7:08
B2Mary Jane GirlsCandyman7:43

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