Theme For Next Week – 1982

Getting this one in early as not to seem like a Boris (apologies…yeah right!)

Bloody gone and done it! Looked at what Gems I have from that year and there are loads! For once across a wide variety of genres, Yes I’m doing ’82…. Let’s Go!!!

Going to pay the Mouse next month (Florida), do love a bit of Epcot !

2 thoughts on “Theme For Next Week – 1982”

  1. Making it to the East Coast for Epcot -US. Nice -Enjoy! Yeah I think for me I’m pretty much done with parks. I do love Rollercoasters 🎢 though. So I’ve tackled Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Magic Mountain (My Favorite), Universal Studios, Sea World (S.D.), San Diego Zoo & Wild Animal Park. If I hit the rest I’ll do it. 80’s Strong Bring It On👏💯👍

  2. Woo hoo you’ll be stateside at Disney! Have fun with the mouse… So much great stuff from ’82, let’s do it!!

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