Georgio – Tina Cherry (Euro 12″)

To Prince or not to Prince ?

Was Georgio Motown’s answer to Prince? An androgynous multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer from the a similar era. But I’ve never heard of him!!

Georgio Allentini did send some demo’s to Prince at Paisley Park but there was conflicting stories of the failed signing, obvious the clash of two massive ego’s!!

Frank Heller and Bruce Forest provide the cutting edge mixes, the Club Mix being the pick with it’s Proto House feel (the track was released in ’87) A lovely deep Dub with an organ dub, probably too much sampled vocals / harmonies.

“Menage A Trois” an LP cut from “Sexappeal” uses a Prince-like combo of guitars and synth.”).rar/file

Motown – ZT41462

A1Tina Cherry (Club Mix)8:24
A2Tina Cherry (Dub Mix)4:59
B1Tina Cherry (Radio Mix)5:06
B2Tina Cherry (Bonus Beats)3:52
B3Menage A Trois3:38

8 thoughts on “Georgio – Tina Cherry (Euro 12″)”

  1. When I was spinning in the clubs Georgio always packed the dancefloor. I have been looking for his singles for quite a while now. I could kick myself for selling them when I quit DJing. I have his 3 albums & the 2 singles you posted, but only have partials of the others. If you want, I could send them to you. Also if you come across any more of his stuff I’d love to get my hands on it.

  2. Wow, that’s really weird. I haven’t gotten it…Can you double check that you don’t have a typo in the address. Checked my spam folder too & it’s not there either.

  3. In the U.S. he was big with this song and is known over here as a 1 hit wonder. I do remember a couple of other tracks like bedrock & sexappeal mixes. You guys were spinning while I was everywhere on the west coast in clubs – Vegas. L.A. , S.D. occasional San Fran trip. Mexico (Baja) all oh and house parties. All awesome experiences. All night entries to after hours clubs until sunrise 🌅

    Happy New Year 🎉🍻🎆🎇

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