Greater Than One – G-Force (US Vinyl LP)

Pairing up the GTO with this LP from ’89 and a little bit more of a polished sound and just less…..weird! They were getting more into the Dance beats and techno by now.

The stomp of the opening track sets the tone, the samples are there but it is much less political.

Really the AON / Kraftwerk sampling on “Alpha 5” certainly bot subtle ! The highlight is the Monty Python based “The Ballet Of The 3 Feathered Sardines” – fast and furious alt. Techno.

What’s not like about, “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” All taken from an Oprah Winfrey show.

Wax Trax! Records – WAX 7100

A2Ich Liebe Dich Mein Prinz
A3Learn With Pleasure, Knowledge Is Power
A4Black Magic
B1Alpha 5
B2The Man Who Lived In Books
B3The Ballet Of The 3 Feathered Sardines
B4Why Do Men Have Nipples?

One thought on “Greater Than One – G-Force (US Vinyl LP)”

  1. The video is an example of how we did DIY film editing in the 80s. All done on physical editing machines, no computers, using found footage, which sometimes meant going to the public library and checking out films or VHS and copying parts onto 3/4″ videotape. Unless you were my friend who decided he would just clip out the parts he likes, splice the film back together and return them. Which made it hard for us to borrow films AND him getting a permanent ban from even entering most municipal libraries.

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