Robert Plant – Little By Little (Remix Long Version) + Re-up (12″)

More Hair Rock with a dollop of prog from Robert Plant.

Released in June ’85 when he was having a bit of a renaissance. The synths shimmer, it was written by keyboard player Jezz Woodroffe.

Track 2 was recorded live in Dallas on 24th June 1985, can’t fault the quality of the backing band, going into “Whole Lotta Love” territory on the extended album track.

“Doo Doo A Do Do” is a weird bit of rock / funk, with weird elastic bass from Paul Martinez, also from the LP, “Shaken ‘N’ Stirred” Toni Halliday (Curve) provides the backing vocals.

Es Paranza Records – B 9621T
ALittle By Little (Remix Long Version)
B1Easily Lead (Live)
B2Doo Doo A Do Do

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